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  1. n3o

    The worst machimina you've seen.

    Pretty much most of the Gmod machinimas these days. With their stupid 5 yearold jokes and tf2 voice overs.
  2. n3o

    Forums issues and improvements.

    You guys still having that problem? how fiendish.
  3. n3o

    The Duke Nukem Forever thread

    Its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I am all out of gum.
  4. n3o

    You're favorite machinima?

    Good list Jay, just heads up that RvB is not been around since halo 1 so 2004 I believe?
  5. n3o

    Your Favourite HL2 Weapon

    Nothing like the crowbar, so useful in so many ways.
  6. n3o

    Ей захотелось заплакать

    If its a spam bot it's broken. It should have links to websites advertising something. Я раздавить этого маленького бота, с моей могучий молот.
  7. n3o

    General Chat

    I hope they fix this issue soon, I wonder what could be it? What would be interfering with the forum?
  8. n3o

    Accursed Farms Wallpapers

    Blue.. those are fucking awsome.
  9. n3o

    Civil Protection: The Tunnel

    Ross do you use Gmod as well as Source SDK to create this?
  10. n3o

    Anti-hype attempt

    It was awesome, great to watch some enjoyable and awesome machinima again!
  11. n3o

    Ей захотелось заплакать

    Translated into English.
  12. n3o

    The Post your desktop thread

    Awesome one Figunaye. I loved Rango such an enjoyable and fun movie.
  13. n3o

    Post what you're doing right now

    Playing some minecraft.
  14. n3o

    Anti-hype attempt

    Because Machinima.com is a evil bastard.
  15. n3o


    I have nothing against people who are homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality. Here in Sydney Australian once a year we have a massive party called the Mardi Gras.

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