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  1. Well, I'm leaving too. I'm tired of all the shit going on in this forum. I'm going to search for a better forum, and if I find one, I'm probably not coming back. If I can't, well, in enough time, people probably would have forgot about all the wasteful shit I posted. It was nice knowing the forum, but now, BEGIN THE HIATUS!
  2. I was interested before, but this show literally tore me apart. So, I give up. Game over man, game over!
  3. I fail every way possible. Someone please lower my reputation, before i leave forever!
  4. The thread said post 'your' youtube videos. I didn't know it was just random vids. Im not fucking perfect you guys. Gotta make a damn mistake every five seconds, and some people can't accept that. -__-
  5. I also just made one. Its in the signature.
  6. Alright, I'm changing my name back. Can you switch it back to superjchamma?
  7. Actually, im going to change it back soon. Fuck this.
  8. WHAT THE FUCK!? 3 WEEKS? HOW DOES ANYONE EVEN PASS THE SECOND BOSS!? THAT'S FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS! Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, the hardest out of the entire series. I hope you have pitch perfect timing and excellent stealth skills, because for this game, you're going to have to multiply those by 6.
  9. I wish I could watch at least an episode of the show, so that if I don't like it (which would be a good thing, damn image macros and ytp's) I don't have to have this name and avatar. If I like it, I'm seriously going to kill myself, because mlp is annoying the shit out of me.
  10. Probably because the domain sucks, lol.
  11. Home of the NSFW, and birthplace for the many memes in the world.
  12. Confused on why I'm missing a sock. Going to search for my sock, then microwave some pizza.
  13. Either Gran Turismo, or Resident Evil 3.
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