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  1. But that doesn't make it any less poorly written. The fact that I could come up with something like that in 2 seconds should speak out as to how poorly thought out that audiolog is. What's frustrating is that they did this right the first time with J.S Steinman. Steinman didn't kill a puppy for the hell of it. He was trying to make his vision of the perfect woman and his pursuit drove him mad when he kept failing over and over again. The shock value isn't the focal point with Steinman it's a byproduct and it's also ambiguous. Can you figure out what he did to his clients to make them look like that? Obviously not whereas with Suchong he tells Jack to break the puppies neck and that's literally it. It doesn't mean anything except that Suchong is a dick. It's quite jarring to go from a well written, nuanced character like J.S Steinman and Sander Cohen to completely flat characters like Suchong. I would tend to hold Bioshock a lot higher then pop culture shlock but I suppose you can't help that when developers are willing to make a half assed character. The way System Shock 2 handled the idea of "doing the powers-that-be's bidding" way more responsibly; you were following Shodan's instructions to the T without questioning anything. It keeps the player involved while reinforcing the theme.
  2. I love Ibsen! My sig is actually from his play Ghosts, which is as beautiful as it is esoteric at times.
  3. I'm with you on KOTOR II and Planescape Torment. If I created a list for the most well written video games Planescape Torment would be at the top and KOTOR II would be just below it. Sadly I can't really make a list with just two games. Seriously, well written video games a practically nonexistent. IIRC I played Neverwinter Nights 2 until midgame, hit a breaking point and never picked it up again. I seriously can't remember what happens in NWN 2. I just remember it being very boring. Obsidian usually does good writing but their games are often infested with bugs as well. Though I've heard good things about Pillars of Eternity so I might get around to playing at some point. Pillars is great! I totally recommend it, writing and gameplay are solid. It fixes a lot of micromanaging hassles that were present in a lot of the classic Black Isle games. I definitely feel like Baldur's Gate hasn't aged as well as I remembered, because I was super excited when I found another copy of it and played it for about...20 minutes and went back to Morrowind. Bioware has a habit of making games that do not age well. As for a "Best Written Games List" you could probably populate both System Shock games on there as well...but that's a topic for another thread.
  4. KOTOR just didn't grab me. I have no idea what was up with it, but I liked KOTOR II just fine. I've never liked BioWare's gameplay too much, I always preferred Fallout and Planescape Torment for that isometric RPG action. I'm curious what you think of Neverwinter Nights 2.
  5. Yes! I get goosebumps everytime. Absolutely phenomenal.
  6. No it was a one-off performance. I should've specified. I can't remember what it was for though.
  7. I guess I can help with that. Jesus Christ Superstar is set during the last few days of Christ through the perspective of Judas. To keep it short, Judas is concerned with the way Jesus is leading His disciples and how He is hailed as their Messiah, and is afraid of the subsequent consequences. I'm not good in summarising things up, i'm sorry. JCS is a big favorite of mine, something I inherited from my dad, who saw the 1973 movie version. While he stuck on to the movie version, I collected 4 other recordings of JCS, like the original 1970 album, the 1996 London revival, the 2000 movie remake and the 2012 Arena Tour, just for the sake of hearing the different cast's take on the songs. Im not familiar with it, but ive heard Micharl Crawford do a piece from it and it was BEAUTIFUL! Id love to see the whole play.
  8. I'm personally not into musicals, though I know too many people that are. If you're interested in going I'd say it's not bad to go alone, having friends there isn't necessary at all. As a performer, I was always more happy to see people sitting quietly and enjoying the show rather than a group of friends tapping each other on the shoulder constantly. But yes, see more! Read more! It's all wonderful.
  9. I can relate with you there, and I've seen it from behind the keyboard/mouse a few times. Whenever I began a League game I'd just mute all, out of principle. Sometimes if I was feeling saucy I'd pull some shit in game on the toxic person (who was almost ALWAYS Udyr), but I was usually just there to try and make Kassadin work (he doesn't.) Dark Souls 2 is my game. Totally uninspired design, really clunky gameplay, breaking shit that worked in Dark Souls 1, and reusing the Bell Gargoyles and Ornstein in the absolute textbook definition of "I just don't care anymore." What a colossal waste of my time. The most disappointing thing I've ever laid down the green for.
  10. Yeah, I was gonna say. I'm not an expert, but that sounds like the pretty common method for hitscan weapons. Also Sonic Adventure. Jesus christ. What a mess!
  11. I hate that steam has the metacritic near the game itself. The critic to player divide is great for Harvester. Thankfully though, people know Harvester more for its surreality than its metacritic.
  12. Uh, huh... I just refereed to myself like that so people not knowing me would know For all the others I'm AmazingMagda! My work for Ross is appreciated by Ross, that's for sure. Everything else is AmazingMagda's stuff! I have no idea how my sense of humor influences Ross, but it mostly probably works both ways I mean, we have to understand each other you're ross's girlfriend? How about that. I havent been on this forum in years, but better late than never. I'm actually jealous, Ross has an extremely infectious personality, id love to hang out with even for just a day.
  13. I'm a huge theatre buff and wanted to see if anyone on here shared the passion. What's your favorite play? What are you reading? Seen anything lately? Been in anything lately? I'm currently reading "Tango" by Slawomir Mrozek (if anyone could tell me how to pronounce that...) and The Homecoming by Pinter. Im already very familiar with Pinter but i picked up purely by its description; "his mother sleeps with a vulgar hoodlum; his father looks the other way, meanwhile writing avant-garde plays." So let's talk theatre. Even if you're not into it, but are intetested, I've been wanting to make a beginning reader's guide.
  14. Okay we've gotta talk about Harvester. I want to know opinions on the overall message, do you think the game diluted its own message with the sloppiness of the last half or do you think it presents a very compelling narrative based on violence in media? I think the game's writing and humor is totally surreal, it helps the game age well. The FMV just adds to the Lynchian vibes, though i do think it gets real rough at the Lodge. Please, lets talk Harvester.
  15. Exactly what do all these mods entail? Are they realism mods, texture mods, what? Because that's fucking excessive. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind) I mod all my Bethesda games so that I can play an anime girl. It is of utmost importance that I play an anime girl in a video game. Protip: Play an Asuka character and be really, really rude to characters. One time I played Oblivion as Lucy from Elfen LIed and to make a long story short; I recreated the opening scene.
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