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  1. Yes, I've changed them. They're already uploaded in the first message (as 75mm_PaK_34.7z).
  2. Субтитры к эпизодам с 35 по 68 (включая 61.5) собраны в один пак и выложены в первом посте темы. Почти 5 лет... Страшно подумать... To whoever uploads subtitles to YouTube: Some changes were made to subtitles 0, 3, 5, 10, 10.5, 11 and 12. Please re-upload them at your earliest convenience. P.S.: Freeman's Mind Drinking Game Take a shot each time Freeman says "What is it?" or "Where am I?"
  3. Нихрена себе, вернулся муж из командировки... Um, guys... I didn't "drop" anything, life's just been hard this year. But I fully intend to finish what I started. So here's another 3 episodes, others coming soon. FM_52_53_54.7z
  4. The most broken things in DS3 (in my opinion) are experience and leveling system. The enemies are ALWAYS the same level you are. Like if you're LVL 3 in one room, then you level up to, say, LVL 30 (artificially, for the sake of experiment) - monsters in the next room will be LVL 30 as well. And they'll kill you in couple of hits, because equipment that you get tied to your current level (and LVL 2 equipment obviously sucks against LVL 30 enemies). That makes leveling COMPLETELY POINTLESS! But there's more! System actually works the other way as well. When I first beat this game I did every quest plus DLC and level capped at 35. Final boss actually was pretty strong. Then I played only doing main quest and was around LVL 25 in the final boss encounter, who wasn't that strong that time. But then I've played this game the third time artificially keeping my level low (3) throughout the whole game - final boss died in 2 hits (and one of the previous bosses in 1 hit!!!)!
  5. Ross forgot to mention, that there is an arcade mode, where you collect weapons, not buy them. There's also a two player mode, where you control two diffferent ships and can combine them, which is absolutely AWESOME!
  6. Субтитры были допереведены и обновлены в связи с изменениями от 03.08.2013.
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