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  1. Oh hi, long time no see! Here is the re-upload if you're still interested. freeman_s_mind_czech.zip
  2. Here are Czech subtitles for the latest Freeman's Mind. freeman_s_mind_2_episode_1.srt
  3. As I stated in the original post, my intention never was to steal views. I only uploaded copies because there was no easy way to put subtitles on someone else's video. It seemed as a reasonable compromise at the time because 1) the FAQ allowed it, 2) I gave Ross a proper credit, and 3) my views were only a small fraction of Ross's. I only planned to keep my videos up for as long as there were no Czech subtitles on the official videos, which -- as it has turned out -- stayed this way for a couple years. I understand that for Ross, unlike me, views mean income, so I am willing to take my videos down if the subtitles are available on the official ones. This means I will lose feedback from the Czech community, because YouTube does not have separate comment sections for different languages, but I guess it is for the best. It is in my interest to help Ross continue the show. My subtitles for episodes 1 through 31 are attached to my post on the Czech subtitle board. More to come soon.
  4. Thank you so much, I have been waiting for the latest downloadable episodes for so long.
  5. I decided to bump this thread because the new videos are released outside the scope of Machinima's contracts. Does that make a difference? Is using CC-BY-NC on YouTube OK now?
  6. Greetings, everyone, especially Ross Scott, who might be the only one qualified to answer my question. As I stated on another thread, I work on the Czech subtitles for Freeman's Mind and some related videos, and I have been posting subtitled videos on my YouTube channel for quite a while. I know that I am basically stealing views from Machinima.com, which is not my intention, but the FAQ here states that I can copy the videos as long as it is non-commercial (and I always use the AF versions, not the Machinima versions), so hopefully I am not infringing anyone's copyright. This has some benefits, too: My copies of the videos are free of Machimia's post-processing (which has harmed the quality of some previous episodes), they are in 480p, and I can literally see and talk to the small Czech Freeman fan base. Since Ross does not intend to restrict the spread of his videos too much, and neither do I, I was thinking of switching all my Accursed Farms videos to the Creative Commons (CC BY) license. This would allow people to copy and remix the videos as they like, while maybe raising awareness of the free culture movement. The question is: Am I allowed to license copies of Ross's videos as CC BY? I can see two problems with this: I do not own these videos (I include proper credits in the description, but YouTube might display that I am the author instead). The license does not restrict commercial sharing (a different license, CC BY-NC, would be required for that). So can I put these videos out as CC BY anyway, or do I have to stick with the Standard YouTube license? Or am I already crossing the line of copyright infringement, should I delete all my videos, give up all my posessions to pay the fine, and go rot in jail for the next few decades?
  7. Since I have not seen any English subtitles for The Tunnel for a while now, I might as well provide my own. However, I am not a native English speaker, so I absolutely need a native English speaker to look at my transcription and correct my mistakes. Whenever I was unsure, I filled in what I felt sounded similar, even if it did not make much sense. This is only intended to be a transcription (for further translation into other languages), but once it is complete, you are free to amend it to create closed captions, provided that you keep my credit. This is still work in progress. It is not yet formatted according to Ross's guidelines, but I plan to fix that later.
  8. Hello. My name is Jaromír Karmazín and I have been translating Freeman's Mind in the Czech language. As of now, I have made subtitles for all of the 31 existing episodes, publishing them as duplicate videos on YouTube. Most of the subtitle files are created from scratch, while a few of them are based on the English originals from Accursed Farms and some are taken over from other authors (with permission). Since it has not yet been possible to make these subtitles official, I have uploaded duplicate videos to YouTube so I could add my subtitles to them. I hope to make my subtitles official one day, as I know of no other person translating this series. I am posting them as they are, without alteration from the ones on YouTube. They should meet the guidelines posted on this forum, except they do not use double spaces between sentences. (This is a typographical convention present in English, but absent from Czech, therefore I have not included it.) If necessary, I am willing to make changes to the subtitles so that they meet the guidelines completely and/or suit the download format better. All of my files use the UTF-8 encoding.
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