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  1. One that just came out and wasn't in your runner up list. I'm actually not sure you know about this one since it kind of flew under the radar -- Ori and the Blind Forest. It's an astonishingly beautiful game with a great story, and it's probably one of the best Metroid-like platformers I've ever played.
  2. The answer is zero. You should lose zero sleep.
  3. Good news, Ross! There's an open source FrameServer plugin for newer Premiere! http://sourceforge.net/projects/advancedfs/?source=typ_redirect I used it and it's a little slower than the Vegas one, but it works!
  4. Ya I was thinking about too, there's certain parts of the engine that seem to have a mind its own. From what I hear Skyrim's engine is just a retooled version of Fallout 3's engine, which is a retooled version of Oblivion's engine. If only they took the time to just make a better, more stable engine instead of recycling the old temperamental one. . . if only. Most modern engines still have some code from the Quake 1 engine. Total engine rebuilds are extremely rare (and expensive).
  5. Unfortunately, there's no way to do this with Adobe Premiere, but if you want to avoid the giant intermediate file it's nice to use something called DebugMode FrameServe. It integrates with Sony Vegas, and the idea is that when you render to a FrameServe target, it will only write a very, very small .avi file (a couple kilobytes). I'm more familiar with MeGUI, but apparently with some effort you can integrate it with HandBrake too with some work. The only other step is a one-line Avisynth file: AviSource("myAvi.avi") Then you load that via Handbrake/MeGUI and it does encoding magic. The idea is, the frameserver will trick your rendering program to render only to the file as needed, and it will delete old data as it's read by the encoder. So it basically renders to and then encodes it to without any intermediate file. Unfortunately, like I said, this basically requires switching to Vegas or script-kiddy editing via AviSynth or dealing with Virtualdub's terrible interface. (Apparently it used to work under Premiere, but it broke, you can still give it a go if you want to try. It's just a plugin) Also, I wouldn't be too worried about recording in YV12. There is a slight quality drop, but it's not noticeable to most people. The only real reason you notice is because you saw the raw footage. Most ~~Youtube gamer celebrities~~ record in Lagarith YV12. I mean, if it drives you bonkers and need to do RGB then do what you gotta do, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Er, I'm aware of the origin of the term G-man. All I was saying is that the reason we, as a community, call him G-man is because that's what his files were called, not because that's his "canon name".
  7. We should probably take Totally Serious Half-Life Story talk to another thread, but AFAIK, I think Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay are only considered by Valve to be semi or selectively canon. As in, they're considered non-canon except for anything explicitly mentioned in HL or HL2(+episodes). The reason we call him G-man is because that's what his file names were called.
  8. Don't forget that Ross also has "pull-ups" and editing tricks he uses to speed up overly long and boring sections. Not to mention he increased his weapon damage.
  9. I dunno, I was kind of hoping Otto had died in some dark ritual to imprint his spirit and haunt the sound files of Freeman's Mind and RGD forever. It would really lend that extra oomph to Ross' work.
  10. Gordon wouldn't know this, but I believe they explain the Black Mesa teleporters in HL2. They say they "slingshot" you around Xen. I'm not sure why the subject wouldn't remember it, but it's possible that they sort of work like the Portal portals (which are just connections between arbitrary points) that spit you out in Xen for an incredibly short distance before you come out the other end. Depending on how and exactly where this slingshotting is done, it could explain the loss in momentum. Like, imagine four portals which we'll use | for. Black Mesa A ----> || > ---- Xen (momentum slows here) --- > || > (at rest) --- Black Mesa B It doesn't explain why the portals are one way or anything, but it's a fanwank.
  11. I believe this time he'll review some old Germanic wood carvings.
  12. Huh? Lots of old games have a ton of weird problems on newer machines. That's part of why gog.com exists, they do (sometimes only partially successful) magic to get the games running smoothly on newer systems.
  13. What are you talking about? That green slime was CLEARLY hyperrealistic blood.
  14. It's probably just because of extremely superficial similarities (Americana focused road-trip), but this game seriously feels like the creators of Sam and Max Hit the Road went on a massive bender.
  15. I tried to play Helious 2, I wanted to see the end. I cannot stand this game for more than 10 minutes. You're a hero, Ross.
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