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  1. Something for the guys interested in either Half life 1 deathmatch or a "Music Video" for the Soundtrack "Questionable Ethics 1" in Black Mesa Source WBPDqQzXtug
  2. Its possible in both but the tau cannons kickback is very very little in single player only speed on ground can be gained, no air. the rocket launcher works well in both though
  3. but its still a good way to catch enemies off gaurd, I once climbed a building by rocket jumping and surprise fragged him, while he was expecting me somewhere else
  4. Yep, it's basically the HL equivalent of rocket jumping. Except rocket jumping is bad for health. hahahah!
  5. Agreed but the reason for those smoothing issues are self explanatory, our eyes can percieve 60 fps, but the 60 fps they percieve are not always in sync with the monitor , a monitor may have not drawn a full image, while the eye might have processed that, call that a "phase difference" as they say in physics class. to reduce the effects of phase difference, the ideal conditions would be to maximise frame rates, so the monitor is giving every detail out but its upto the eye that which it picks. Rather then the monitor giving incomplete frames to the eye,
  6. hahaha thanks xD , on 30 fps (the upload rate) its almost impossible to see the enemy , but at 120 fps(the framerate i play at) and if you concentrate really hard, you can see the enemy just a glimpse, but thats a whole different topic in which people will start saying, "our eyes cant see more then 20 changes per second and blabla" And yeah thats a Tau Cannon, and you can make long jumps by manipulating its "Kickback" when its fired
  7. haha it did, thats why i used the wink emoticon -.- otherwise i would have been flaming haha!
  8. haha thanks guys, and practice people and you can do such shots too and Lord Sinister the music is "I Will Never Be The Same - Worldless (Andrew MAze Remix)" and i hope ur kidding about the hacks part
  9. guys what do you think of this? this wasnt luck, or staged if you think so, i have pulled of numerous such shots without fail... but for that ill release it in a frag movie which im working on
  10. wait is there a youtube thread because i cant find it?
  11. Thanks And ok ill post this on the youtube forum and yeah the subtitles are a bit distracting, i realize now
  12. This is my video of clearing the last part of follow freeman Synced with the awsome battle song that plays through that part. Made some special effects /slowmotion here and there and the kills are more like from a frag movie lol Hopefully this is worth watching for anyone who likes half life 2
  13. and some people might be getting confused, i said " My new and Best Half Life frag Movie" note the AND! , that means its MY BEST frag movie, as far as one of the best on the whole internet is concerned thats for u to judge , and even then i said ONE OF THE BEST, not THE BEST, its my open challenge for u guys to find better frag videos then mine in large numbers
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