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  1. I'd be interested in the MIDI thing, I can't guarantee anything because I haven't done anything for it in awhile and I'm mostly interested cause one I like MIDI and two I'd like more distractions from my shitty ass depression. But yeah I'd be up for trying some things just can't say anything would come of it (aside from entertaining myself).
  2. My dad has this cabinet in the living room. XD We actually have several arcade cabinets & two pinball games. ...and now I'm just going to go back to lurking..
  3. This area I thought was particularly psychotic in terms of what they're expecting the player to do. In other games, seeing a minefield and barbed wire means you're at an impasse and you need to figure out another solution. In HL apparently you're just supposed to assume you DO go that way and then just "not die" without any sort of reasoning behind it for this part. I mean it IS a minefield, it's not like your suit has a detector. I honestly forgot the solution, I think it's just to spray and pray at the ground and HOPE you got all the ones in your path. I'm usually pretty tolerant of games being rough around the edges, but I thought this spot was just poorly designed. When I did that part I found the path that didn't have mines but one mistake and you blow up. XD
  4. When you started singing major general I was like =D I get that reference! Any who back when I was watching a lot of stuff on TGWTG I know with quite a few people their videos would be on their site before the main TGWTG site biggest gap was about a day I think but that was posting on their site some people would have it on blip a couple days before but not put up any links tell it posted on the main site.
  5. 113

    Ross for hire

    I'm sorry this is happening, what they are doing is a bunch of bullshit. Voice acting wise I know here in Cali at the Barnes & Noble they have a book of acting/voice acting calls in the magazine section but I don't know if they have it outside of here, =/ sorry.
  6. ^Me too mainly it's just the dialogue at the beginning which made me laugh.
  7. I agree on not switching over; while I am having fun playing it wouldn't work well with Freeman's Mind, especially so with a lot of the jokes having to do with have oddly designed Black Mesa is. Game is fun though, looks pretty and some of the lines were just great at the beginning.
  8. That was an awesome episode! Loved the last bit of cliff face you have to scale. Side note I hope your move goes smoothly.
  9. Pretty much everything that's already been said. >_> The most for right now will been when he gets to the scientist in the "surgery" room.
  10. The only animation software experience I have is with Maya, which is pretty good for animation (ungodly amounts of expensive though unless you can get a student discount; =( can get a free trial though. ). The only main problem I had with it was modeling *has horrible flash backs to my final* O_O ... anyway I wish I could say I can help but really I'm not that good. Just take your time none of us mind. =)
  11. I haven't had time to do much work on my computer because of work and school so I won't be entering the contest.
  12. Why must my computer not be running right now!! D= I'm gonna try and get my computer fixed in time to do this and get in on time, seems like much fun, and I haven't done MIDI stuff since last semester.
  13. I got a fun story, so up until last year in November I was using an old motherboard from about 2003 when I was changing it to the current one I have it was warped from the heat in my case (it was also in a horribly old case that had bad ventilation, have new one yay!) which I thought was odd because it ran perfectly fine. Another funny thing it also has a small crack in it, currently it is in my dad's tower running perfectly fine despite being warped and having a small crack. Oh one more funny thing my first computer I put together (with my dad which was actually using the old case I just mentioned) it had all new parts in it one day the fans quit for unknown reasons mind you none of the things in there ever got dropped and the only thing I ever really did on it was play a couple games I had at the time on it (and not very long) any way fans quit processor gets fried fun shit. I got more 'wacky' stories involving my sisters old laptop which was put together poorly by the company the whole series of those laptops where crap (bad HP bad) and the one currently happening to me. =D I think I got my point across in some way though maybe, possibly, hoping so... Wacky things computers can be no? On topic: Hopefully nothing else in your computer got messed up (or is). o_O
  14. The blood splatters on the ground where you're suppose to fall is funny, can't believe I forgot that. Anywho I enjoyed how you went about masking it's game elements you did a great job on it. =)
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