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  1. I've never heard of Tracheitis, but it sounds bad, like something Freeman would be blowing up in Zen. Glad you're taking it easy. Feel better soon, Ross!
  2. 91% is not telling? Do you even understand how elections work? Hillary is one of the most disliked candidate ever and yet she's the nominee, you don't think money and related propaganda is related? It seems to me that nothing will change your mind at this point. Funny thing though, if you look at overall money raised (individual contributions, Super PACs, etc), Sanders actually raised more money, through a surge of individual donations, than Clinton during the primaries; http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/21/politics/2016-bernie-sanders-fundraising-hillary-clinton/ Also, Clinton's popularity/favorability was far higher before the Comey FBI announcement regarding her use of a private email server, which occured after she had already effectively won the Democratic Nomination, and Sanders refused to go after her for that issue in the first place; http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/hillary-clinton-favorable-rating
  3. Ok, so I'm a little late to the party having just got back from vacation, but I feel as a DC lobbyist or lobbyist in training I have some insight into the political aspects of this game and RGD. First, in regards to what you said about money controlling the outcomes of elections, that's often true, but you have to consider that the person with the most resources is often the person with the most compelling case for the job. People, corporations, and yes interest groups will contribute to that person if they seem the most qualified, but still that doesn't guarantee them to win. Ross, you come dangerously close to telling people their votes don't matter in this episode and in a democracy that's rarely the case. It's like telling someone they can dump their garbage in their town's lake because how much harm can a few bags of trash do to an entire lake, but they're never the only person doing that and it all adds up. To put this in perspective, currently this video has over 90,000 views: the Democratic Primaries of Iowa, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, South Dakota, Connecticut, Delaware, and Kentucky were all decided by less than half that number of votes and they ALL broke Clinton's way. Also, getting back to money deciding elections, going over to the Republican's side, their primary was won by one of the worst financed candidates, Donald Trump, who despite his background ran on a very populist, anti-business platform, for a Republican anyway. Meanwhile Jeb Bush, one of the best financed candidates with numerous corporate and special interest ties, was crushed in the elections. Now, in regards to your diagram of politicians, corporations, and lobbyists, which we call the Iron Triangle, is a gross over simplification of what we do. Although I represent one of the Labor Unions and not an interest group with corporate ties, I will point out that what I spend most my time doing is meeting with representatives, or more often their staff, and INFORMING them about bills and legislation that pertain to labor and the economy in general. Politicians can never be an expert on everything or even most issues, so they rely on us to educate them. My group doesn't give money to every representative or candidate we work with, and when we do they're typically $5,000 contributions, which is a drop in the bucket for most politicians on the federal level, and on the state level they get far less attention from the media and far less money from corporations. With that said, I still loved this Game Dungeon, politics and all, and can't wait for the next one!
  4. For the record, Blizzard may be removing the Goblins vs Gnomes packs from its shop, but you can still craft the all the cards in the expansion and the Naxxramus adventure using dust, a resource you can get in exchange for duplicate copies of cards you own. While I am genuinely disappointed the Naxxramus adventure games are no longer available for purchase, all the cards you would get from the adventure can still be obtained, so much of the expansion still exists and those who already bought the adventure can still play through it any time they want, so it's not like the adventure is "dead." There is a bit of disappointment in removing Naxxramus for any new players, but I think you're blowing it out of proportion. If you actually hear the leading developer Ben Brode talk about his design plans for Hearthstone you would not be saying he "doesn't care about what he makes." If you plan on covering "resurrections" of dead games on this channel, then you may want to mention this to any prospective Hearthstone players out there that the GvG expansion is not really lost and neither are the cards from the Nax adventure. Ben Brode even hinted that the Tavern Brawls, a special game mode of Hearthstone that changes every week, may even recreate some of those Naxxramus adventure games. All Hearthstone players would have access to them for free (like all Tavern Brawls) that week, so any players that missed buying the Nax adventure should keep an eye out for the new Tavern Brawl each week if and when it returns.
  5. I'm with the majority when I say this was one of your worse projects, but I actually voted yes for it because pilots often have some kinks to work out, and it doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't find better games. Also by "better" I mean they should either be super weird or an A or F in terms of quality. Your associate called the game a C and I think that's precisely the kind of game you DON'T won't to be making let's plays out of, something that's just boring and mediocre. Another reason I voted yes is because you said these were easier to make than Game Dungeons, though I might have voted no if I had a better understanding of exactly how much time these videos would take up. If a typical episode of Moon Gaming sets say, a Game Dungeon, back by more than a week and isn't much more interesting than this first one than I personally would want this series scrapped. For the record though, I still think this was an above average Let's Play considering how many are out there. Funnily enough it was also the Nostalgia Critic's first attempt at a Let's Play that has gone down as one his worst videos of all time. That was an example of a bad Let's Play, this Moon Gaming was still alright. When a lot of us say this is "one of the worst things you've done" it's because it's a 6.5/10 and we're used to seeing 9/10's from you.
  6. Well, it's been over a month since his last bit of content/update. All I can say is, I hope Ross is making plenty of progress on that movie.
  7. I REALLY DON'T LIKE jokes like that... please refrain from using these I dunno how you would feel reading a "joke" like this on the internet about people that are important to you : / or save this for YouTube and keep away from the forum Well, a lot of us really don't like not hearing Ross, even in the forums, in over a month. I understand you're concern, but keep in mind that you may know Ross is fine, but we don't, and it's been a while since he didn't update the site in over a month, so "jokes" like these are inevitable. I'm not saying they're funny, appropriate, or that Ross should update his site more often even if he doesn't have much to update us on, I'm just saying this is something that probably won't go away just by asking it to. I suppose you could try censoring these types of comments from the forums, but I doubt people would be cool with that either. Anyway, glad to hear from you again, Ross, especially excited that another Game Dungeon is on the way. Any updates on the movie you could tell us about? I'm still eagerly awaiting you're casting announcement, though I know that's probably a still a long ways off.
  8. Same here. Not that the Pumpkin thing wasn't funny, but I've just come to expect more from Ross when it comes to April Fool's. That holiday has been the one tradition he's kept alive since I first got into Freeman's Mind back when he was still with Machinima, and while this technically still counts as another year's prank it kinda feels like a Game Dungeon episode first and an April Fool's Day prank second. Not to throw Ross's own words right back at him (I know he worked really hard on this and I appreciate it) but it's just "not bad."
  9. I know this kinda goes under the "Raw Let's Plays" category, but I'd love to see Ross playing video games as Gordon Freeman. Basically the persona Ross created for Freeman in the Freeman's Mind series would be playing games like Portal or Shadow Warrior, or whatever Ross wants really. The key element and what differentiates this as an ordinary Let's Play is that Ross wouldn't break character while playing the game, Freeman is very much aware he's playing a game so this wouldn't be like Freeman Across the Universe. The thing I love about Freeman's Mind the most is just the Badass Commando Physicist character that Ross plays and I'd love to see more videos with him, even if they're unedited let's plays of other games. If you've heard of the Team Four Star series Two Saiyans Play it's a lot like that. TFS creators Lanipator and Takahata101 play their DBZ Abridged characters Vegeta and Nappa whilst playing a video game. This would lean more towards improve comedy so I understand your hesitation if you worry about the quality, but if you just pick a fast paced game where you always have stuff to react and think like your Gordon Freeman character I think it could be a really funny series. The Team Four Star guys' Two Saiyans Play series was so successful it has since spawned several other series where the guys play all sorts of game in character as one of the people from DBZ. Unless you feel this is too close to the Let's Play genre and have something fundamentally against the format I can't see why you wouldn't want to at least try it out and see what we think/how the video does in terms of popularity. Don't dismiss this idea just because you think your not that good at improv comedy, I don't think you give yourself enough credit, and like I said you could just try this out, as in play a game as Freeman for 15-30 minutes and upload the video and let us decide whether it's entertaining enough. Other than that good luck with the movie, and hey, if I can get better recording equipment I might just audition for a part.
  10. I know Ross of all people is entitled to a break, but I can't wait for the update about his plans for 2015 and beyond; the suspense is killing me!
  11. Amazing series, can't wait to see what other work Ross has planned. I will say this though, if Ross, you're at all concerned about your finances in the coming years you could just launch another fundraiser this time for continuing Freeman's Mind into Half-Life 2. If you thought you got a lot of money from that first fundraiser, I bet you could get even more if you put continuing Freeman's Mind into Half-Life 2 at $15,000 of donations. I know I'd chip in and from some of the other comments on this forum I'm not the only one. Just an idea if you need any extra incentive to keep making Freeman's Mind (of course that doesn't mean you couldn't take a nice long break from a series you've been putting an insane amount of hours into these past few months, I'm just saying it'd be a huge relief if you told you would continue FM at all).
  12. I'm not saying I don't have faith in Ross, but if this was overwhelming to the point of him rushing the last few episodes of Half-Life 1, I think most of us would be okay amending the promised deadline a month or two. Still, I don't want to speak for anyone, but myself, so Ross, if you're feeling at all rushed with the end of the year just 5-6 weeks away, you could put out a poll asking all of us if we'd be cool giving you more time to complete Freeman's Mind for Half Life 1. It's just an idea, if you've already got all the worked planned out and feel confident you'll meet the deadline no problem, then disregard this. I just didn't want you to feel like you had to necessarily sacrifice quality for expedience if you had to chose between the two.
  13. It's been a little while since the last RGD, so I can't really say if this was above average or just standard, but what I can say is that it made me laugh a lot. This is at a point in time where shows (like The Simpsons and Family Guy) that I've been watching and laughing at for years are starting to grow stale. These videos, whether they're RGD, FM, or Civil Protection, remind me what it feels like to laugh again, and can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate that, so thank you, Ross. Edit: Also I love Ross's gung-ho attitude towards the doubt expressing peanut gallery. I wish guys like George R.R. Martin or Bioware had more faith in their production speed.
  14. Deus ex teleport! This may have been shorter than the past few episodes, but it was still incredibly funny and I can't argue with where you left it. I'm glad you're not just skipping areas; even if an area in Half Life seems contrived I think most of us want the full experience. Skipping or editing out glitches I understand, but if it's an aspect of the actual game or a line of ridiculous dialogue I say let Freeman experience it. Some of the funniest moments of the series have been Freeman trying to rationalize parts of the game that make no sense. The best part about the way the previous cliffhanger was resolved is it wasn't even completely out of no where. Looking back on it, Freeman saw what we understood to be the teleporters and over the course of ep 59 was experiencing "sounds of green" so it was a really clever way for Freeman to escape Old Flamethrower Hands, I never got this far playing Half Life, so it's exciting experiencing these things as Freeman is.
  15. This episode was magnificent. I'm glad Freeman stopped tripping on morphine as well, but you don't have to treat that as a continuity error, the morphine just wore off. Freeman clearly didn't take enough to be high for that long and the life or death situations he's been encountering at increasing frequency will have sobered him up. Can't wait for the next episode, you left it on a hell of a cliff hanger!
  16. Wooooohh!!!! Freeman Across The Universe sounds AWESOME!!! Like the ones that came before in this annual tradition, this was well written, amazing, and hilarious! "Now I need you to listen to me very carefully; you are to address me as Doctor Freeman." So good I could and will watch it again several times.
  17. Glad we could give something back. You've more than earned it. Once Half-Life is finished at the year's end maybe you could do another fundraiser that's say $10K for Freeman's Mind to continue on to Half-Life 2? Just a thought, I know you don't like asking us for donations, but I think everyone that contributed this time would do it again for Half-Life 2; I know I would.
  18. Sorry I'm a little late to the party. (Spring Break and all) Here's $54 because your content is amazing, and I can think of at least 54 reasons why.
  19. Well, looks like the way the wind is blowing the vote is going to be decisively in favor of Freeman's Mind. Can't say I'm upset, I feel like the series has really picked up the pace of what's going on, finally getting to the fabled Lambda Complex. I haven't actually played this far into Half Life so everything Freeman encounters now will be as new to me as it is to Freeman. Other than that I'm pretty discussed with what Youtube's been doing. Even if the bug isn't their fault that still makes them grossly incompetent at best. I'm still Nostalgic for Youtube in it's Golden Age, but now it might be for the best if their overthrown by Twitch. I'd definitely watch any Mr. Scott cared to stream.
  20. Jesus Christ these guys make EA look good. I watched Clash's entire video about his own experience and alone I may have been a little skeptical that a company/network would do all that and risk pissing off all its members, but supplementing it with everything you've described your experience with them was like, I can believe it's all true which genuinely scares me for their thousands of other people that may be suffering the same problems. It's a good thing you were able to escape when you did, and it's also good guys like you and Clash are able to warn potential victims of Machinima to avoid them like the plague.
  21. Boy you weren't kidding. Gorilla Gong won't work at all on my computer now and I had to refresh this page several times before it finally worked. Well, I guess problems arising because your site's too popular aren't the worst kinds of problems. Funny promo video too.
  22. Great right when I move to the Mid-Atlantic it turns out you've been in Poland for a while. Well, it sounds a lot nicer there so I can't blame you. (except for the part about no tap water; that and water fountains are the only ways I get water since I'm not about to start buying bottles of the stuff). This series has caught my interest, I'm not suffocating from laughter the way I was when I first started watching Freeman's Mind, but that's probably because I'm just used to Half-life jokes by now, though this is still very much its own thing, so I'll stay tuned for the time being. Hope you're feeling better Mr. Scott.
  23. Sorry to hear that, I hate working when I'm sick. Thanks for getting the FM episode done despite your illness. Feel better!
  24. Very well. I suppose it'll be mine as well. Yes, it would. Slapstick revolving around women getting hurt is pretty common, and can be just as funny as the male equivalent. I strongly disagree. Your argument here sounds very cold and unfeeling and just plain hard to believe, though I'm not accusing you of lying. I think it's fair to say that ESPECIALLY in live action a scene like the one that's described I would find much more disturbing than the man getting kicked in the face. What you're saying sounds rational and has that tone of equality to it, but when I imagine a scene like that not only am I horrified, but I feel like anyone even a woman that was sitting next to me in a theater and laughed at that I think is a little messed up. I know violent slapstick against women by men exists but it's much less common than the reverse for a reason. That reason is difficult to describe, but a lot of people seem to agree with that reason otherwise scenes like the one you claimed you would find funny would be as common as the reverse if everyone felt the same about it as you do but most don't. I'm not denying that sexism against women is what most people think of, or that it's been historically more common. I'm saying that it's not the only form of harmful sexism. I said that statements like "women are more deserving of sympathy than men" and the common attitude that women are morally superior is sexist. I do consider that kind of discrimination just as harmful as "men are smarter than women", as it actively causes harm in our society, as I have observed personally. Actually, sexism against men in the legal system is far more common than most people know. See the linked statistics on sentencing and incarceration rates. The commonly referenced trend of women making less than men is actually in many cases a myth, at least today. They make less mostly because they don't work as many hours. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303592404577361883019414296 So what else is "more deserving of sympathy" supposed to mean? When someone is more deserving of sympathy, that usually implies that they're morally superior to whoever they're being compared to. Not at all, someone getting more sympathy than another involves a lot of subjective elements and many have nothing to do with moral superiority. In fact, a morally superior character may receive less sympathy because they can be less relatable. In the To Kill a Mockingbird, I found Boo Radley and Scout much more sympathetic than Atticus because while I thought Atticus was cool his rigid morality felt unnatural to me and I knew no real people like him. Just because someone has weaker morals doesn't mean they're less deserving of sympathy than someone with stronger morals you're definitely putting words in his mouth even if it's not intentional. So any game that glorifies violence (i.e. almost every game that features shooting as a game mechanic, including the ones I mentioned, Fallout and Mass Effect) feels misogynistic to you? Simply because both females and males can be killed? Or is this not what you were trying to say? You never did specify how a game could feature violence against women in a mature way. I don't see what's immature about the way the Mass Effect games do it, for example. I disagree heavily. A work should not have to be geared towards women to feature them getting killed, simply because in many contexts not featuring violence against women simply wouldn't make any in-universe sense. And again, I don't see the problem. It's not misogynistic to show one woman getting killed next to hundreds of males, like CarnEvil and I honestly don't see the logic in the violence double standard. Violence against women simply has not repulsed me any more than violence in the same context against a man. By this logic, should things targeted at females never feature violence against men? True. Because of attitudes like this. Male victims of abuse are not anywhere near as uncommon as many believe, and they often face skepticism from the police among as well as social stigma. Men killing women. But you seem to be acting like women killing men never happens, or that men killing women should be a bigger concern than men killing men even though the latter is far more common. Seeing as he cited statistics where a lesser but existing number of men were killed by women I think this is just flat out wrong. Of course he knows that some men are killed by women, but men killing women happens more and if women can level the playing field with weapons as you've previously claimed than this shouldn't be the case unless there were other factors besides a strength advantage at play. That is indeed mostly because men are physically stronger. Women commit quite a bit of murders and other horrible crimes as well. I'm not sure what you're trying to imply with this statement, but I'm not getting good vibes from it. From what I've read, not much less likely given women are more much likely to use weapons. And this study says "men and women assault one another and strike the first blow at approximately equal rates". http://dvrc-or.org/domestic/violence/resources/C61/#mal Another study states that men consist of 40% of victims of severe physical domestic abuse, which would somewhat contradict the idea that women are assaulted by spouses three times more often http://domesticviolencestatistics.org/men-the-overlooked-victims-of-domestic-violence/ Again, I'd like to note most male rapes tend to go unreported. But okay, rape of females is far more common. The reasons for that should be obvious. Yet men are much more likely to be killed in general. Which was my point relating to video games specifically; man on man violence is seen as fine, man on woman violence is seen as bad regardless of context. Please note that even though they're less common than men, that 25% still exists. Err, no. I was talking about the few that I have personally seen. I didn't say anything about all women committing crimes and trying to get away with it, or say that men never commit a crime thinking they won't get caught. This is true. But women usually have more success when it comes to doing this in crime, as the incarceration rates would indicate. I don't see what any of the factors you listed have to do with bias in their favor in the legal system, for example. Violence in the media, maybe a couple of your points (and even some of those are in question), but if your concern is that violence against them in video games has some kind of negative effect in the real world, the same should apply to men, as they're more often victims both in real life and in the media. I won't comment on the sexism in the legal system as it's not something I've looked into that much and you do make a strong argument that women are treated more leniently which I agree is bad. However, that doesn't change the fact that women are discriminated against in the workplace more often than men are, they don't hold as many high up positions in business and government, for instance there are many more male congressmen than female, and women are much more restricted from military involvement than men. These problems are much less severe than they were decades ago but they still exist. I see a bit of positive sexism towards women as to help offset the many forms of negative sexism they suffer from in our society sorta like socioeconomic affirmative action I guess, though I have a feeling base on what you've been saying so far that you oppose that too (though I could be wrong just the vibe I'm getting from your insistence about rigid equality).
  25. Here's the thing though: while technically, pirating abandonware doesn't hurt anyone, it's still illegal, and the general moral implications bug me quite a bit. If someone decided to jail the person who pirated an abandonware game, and shut down the file, I'd think they were completely justified. Even if they didn't continue to distribute it themselves. Why? Because it's there stuff. They can do what they want with it; they don't have to justify crap if they honestly and legally got it. That's why the whole idea bugs me so much. Essentially, "use your property the way I want you to or I'm going to steal it". It really shouldn't bug me, since I know objectively that abandonware isn't making any money anyway- and the nature of piracy means you're not actually physically taking a product per se- but it just does. I don't like the "pirate it, then buy it if I like it" mentality. It essentially makes the developers rely on charity. I don't like a policy, like the one you said, that just relies on appealing to people's good nature. I'd prefer if there was just never piracy, period (why do you think DRM even exists in the first place?), but, yeah, that's not going to happen. It lacking a demo or you not being sure if your computer can run it is more of a grey area, but I still. Agree about the "company is evil so I can do what I want herp derp". It bugs me to no end when I see people ragging on companies for greed AS THEY'RE STEALING FROM THEM. Yes it is, because you are treating someone differently based on their sex. A knife is dangerous regardless of who is swinging it- less so than a gun, but still. I didn't have to make a connection, as one of the reasons Ross gave for not liking violence against women was explicitly that they're on average weaker than men. Implying that the average woman being physically weaker determines how he views violence against women in all contexts regardless of who it is or what they're doing. Like in this one, where the woman was a bullet sponge magic zombie. Okay, so you just said that it was sexist ("gender biased"). No comment needed here. And that's sexist. You are, right off the bat, thinking that a woman is more deserving of sympathy than a man, and that they have to do more to be considered worthy of death than a man. You feel worse about killing them even if all other things are equal, just because of their gender. Women are not inherently more deserving of sympathy than men. I feel no worse about killing a woman than I do about killing a man in video games, or seeing one die on film, or hearing about it in the news. Alright, the feelings are sexist in the sense that I have different feelings towards women than men, but not in the sense that I think one is generally inferior to the other. I think Mr. Scott already said this, but men and women ARE different; there's no way of getting around that. Men are on average bigger and stronger than women and statistically commit more violent crime than women: so the average woman is less inclined to violence and therefore more deserving of my sympathy than the average man. Of course there are outliers on both sides, but that isn't enough to change my psychology of feeling differently under certain circumstances about men and women because under certain circumstances they are different. Also, the word incapable implies a lot of negatives traits that don't have anything to do with this discussion, I don't think women are intellectually incapable or psychologically incapable just because I think they are generally less violent. Maybe it's not it's dictionary definition, but the word sexism implies an unfair treatment of one sex over another, but I don't think it's unfair that I feel worse about hurting women if they are less likely to commit violent crime than men for the same reasons I think it's fair that men and women have separate Olympic records because men and women should not be held to the same physical standard; science is on my side on this particular point.
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