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  1. Ross, would you consider doing a version of the review that's full of spoilers? Just a no-holds barred review that goes right into the meat of the problems, plot holes, etc.? I personally didn't feel compelled to play the game even before you reviewed it, so it might be nice to see your full review.
  2. How is that any kind of help? That's offensively intrusive, IMO. Living up to your forum name I guess. He's a 30 year old man who's shockingly transparent for a YouTuber, and he's consistently producing awesome content that lots of people like on a budget that most couldn't survive on. And he's done it for years. I'm sure he can get along without comments from the personal finance peanut gallery. That would just be a burden. No one has a reason to think there's any mishandling of money going on. I think he's fine not laying his personal finances out to that detail. He's not a 501 c3 or other charitable organization; people are giving gifts, not donations (in spite of the word "donation" being used). (Not to mention, for the work he's done, if he blew all $11,000 on strippers and party balloons, or champagne [Freeman's mind, Episode 21!] it would be fine with me. He's earned it. ) In fact, I think he's so worthy, especially given the years of laughs I've gotten, that even in spite of him sitting at $11,000 in donations right now, I'm planning on donating to make good on all the giggles and fun times I've had. I'd do it even if it was at $110,000 in donations. In fact, I hope he gets there! Every month! He's ten times more amusing than someone who actually makes that kind of money like PewDiePie
  3. Ross, I think there's great potential for you to do a let's play style series. My feeling is that the backstory that was being attempted with "Moon Gaming" was a distraction. If you want to do a let's play, then I'd suggest just doing a let's play. I really did think there was value in the series. don't be discouraged. I appreciate the effort you put in to new things, so don't fret. Keep it up! Glad subscriber to your channel. If you ever get a Twitch.tv channel, I'd watch that too.
  4. Good episode Ross! Don't worry about the slowdown. It happens in games. I hated this part of HL myself. Really liking the faster pace of episodes. Can you keep it up for another month... or nine? =)
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