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  1. I just checked 2 channels - PewDiePie's and one Russian video blogger's and their channels have intros. BTW, Ross, I'd suggest you to link your 2 channels through Channels page on each of your YouTube channels. =D Example: DeadGameNews' Channels page.
  2. Ross kinda answered your question here: He "didn't have much tying him down to USA at the time, so why not", and moved to Poland. =) EDIT: Ross, you mentioned that you regret not using actor from Black Mesa that voiced Barney in your Civil Protection, but can't you still collaborate with him on future CP episodes? You're not done with them, right? I mean, you could continue doing them after your big movie, probably using different engine!
  3. Why, Half Life 3 of course. =D The series was really great. Thank you for it, Ross, you were a suitable voice for one of the greatest silent video game characters. And I'm happy that you said "I can say with confidence I really think my best work is ahead of me." Everyone should think so about themselves actually. Really hoping to see FM2 someday. I think, if you'd make a fund raiser for the 2nd season, it would be as successful as was your previous fund raiser for upgrade of your PC! =) BTW, I started reading this thread in 2014 and finished it in 2015. Probably the longest thread I've read here. =D
  4. According to fundraiser - it's more than 16,000 dollars. I'm happy that Ross has enough money to make videos normally now and achieve his goals, but more than that I'm happy for this quote: "I have promised to complete Half-Life for FM this year". First episode of FM was released in late 2007, so full season would span 7 years. Also look forward for your planned full length machinima movie. Good luck!
  5. Here are my 2 screens. They are a little bit dark though.
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