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  1. I saw Avatar 4 times. The first three was in an IMAX cinema. It blew me away! Even after the third time, I was totally lost in the 3D. Several times I felt like I could touch the characters. And the screen was big enough so I can't see the edge of the screen, even in my peripheral vision. The fourth time was a regular "3D" cinema render. It was terrible. The whole seen was rendered behind the movie screen. So I was barely able to make out the 3D. In fact I was bored. I saw other movies in IMAX too. Like the one about the Mir space station. It was mind blowing too. So my conclusion is see 3D films in IMAX only. It actually works.
  2. Strange. For me youtube doesn't suggest big boobed girls, it's mostly your stuff Ross. From 21 suggestions only 8 are not freeman's mind or civil protection, and form that 8, only two are not machinima stuff, but still related to halflife.
  3. I'm not forgetting it, but it is not that well supported. On pc-s it is well supported, but on portables, well you can forget it. But personally I prefer it too. But I'm just a pc user, so for the greater good, It should be mp4.
  4. I think mkv is not necessary. Ross doesn't use custom fonts in his subtitles, and mp4 would be more compatible with portable devices, so it would favor more people.
  5. At this point we should make some things clearer. The question "what format the videos should be?" is not precise enough. A video format is based on 3 main parts. The first is the container format. The container format is like a box, where you put in the video and the sounds and sometimes the subtitles. It can be *.avi, *.mp4, *.mkv, etc... The *.wmv hoever is a standard, like mp3. It is not a real container format. You can't put anything in it. However you can use any combination in the first three. The second part is the video codec. It is the method the video compressed. It can be again a lot of types like xvid, h264, etc... The wmv file format has its own video codec too. The third is the audio codec. Like the video codec, it is how the audio is compressed. It can be: mp3, aac, ac3, ogg, etc... Again the wmv file format has its own audio codec. And before everybody gets confused or starts to make endless combinations, there are standards on how to combine these, so if we use these standards, you should not have nearly any problem playing the videos. Now days on pc-s all the main video players can play these without any problem. The standards are: Container: avi, video codec: xvid, audio codec: mp3. Container: mp4, video codec: h264, audio codec: aac. (this is an iphone frendly standard) Container: wmv, video codec: wmv, audio codec: wma. The first one is the most popular. The second one is less popular, but since it is oficially supported by many mp4 players and phones, it gets stronger. And this format gives the best quality on the least space. And the third one is made by Microsoft. In quality this is on the same level like the first one. So my vote is the second one. Which is mp4/h264/aac. I hope I managed to clear things up. If not, tell me, an I'll try explain it some more. Or ask questions, and I'll answer.
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