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  1. I think he was referring to the room with the Alien Grunts. Normally, they're in some sort of pod that raises from the ground when you initiate them. Plus, in the same room, there is normally a wall that gets blown down by explosives, followed by a team of soldiers who charge in. Great episode! Who would've thought hiccups would make things funnier?
  2. Yeah, an easy side project kinda attitude would make sense.
  3. I love all the work that Ross puts out. Whether he believes it or not, I think his writing ability is above standard and his directing skills in Civil Protection certainly add more to the stories. It takes a lot of thought process and effort to come up with all this machinima, so it would be quite sad for me if Ross feels as though he's slaving over Freeman's Mind purely for the demand it receives. I know he has much interest for Civil Protection (the acronym really doesn't work there) which actually makes me enjoy watching them a bit more; knowing I'm supporting his work and that I'm watching the result of something he probably puts his heart into. Unfortunately, I get so much negative vibe whenever he mentions Freeman's Mind. Maybe it's just me, but does Ross not enjoy making Freeman's Mind?
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