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  1. RT is signed with Machinima? What the hell are you talking about? They have nothing to do with Machinima. They are their own company.
  2. I think they have finally made a movie that didn't suck balls. And it was Halo, as well. I found Forward Unto Dawn pretty good, considering. Then again, it wasn't made in Hollywood, so maybe that is a reason why it's not too bad?
  3. I don't know if what you were trying to say is that Machinima is more popular than Roosterteeth, but if that is what you're saying, then you are very wrong. RT was very slow to getting onto Youtube. In fact, they only got onto Youtube within the last six or so years, so it hasn't been too long for them. And the bulk of their fanbase is on their site. If I had to take a guess, Roosterteeth is FAR more popular when it comes to the internet all together. But on Youtube Machinima is more popular. If you were not saying anything of the sort... then disregard this post. It's early in the morning for me and my brain isn't working. So excuse me if I offended you.
  4. Yeah, I am also going to put forth RT as a totally viable option when it comes to suggestions. They are a very dynamic productions company and they are always expanding, which is a good thing. The more growth there is, the more money there is. But I suppose it is one of those things that they would have to reach out to Ross and not the other way around. Perhaps us fans should hint at it? Joking aside, I wish I could help out around here. I feel useless since I am just a fan that watches CP and FM. But since I know crap about websites and stuff like that, it's best I NOT offer to help.
  5. EDIT! Okay. So my computer spazzed and posted twice? Sorry about that.
  6. God those ninjas. They get you every time!
  7. Aside from Freeman's Mind? I would say that my favorite mind would have to be Shephard's Mind. It was of great quality, especially towards the end as he got better at the whole acting thing. Barney's Mind was pretty good, though to be honest I felt as though he was trying to hard to act like Freeman for the first few episodes, but once he started acting different, it got much better. I was glad he decided to redo the first three episodes, even if he hasn't released the third episode yet. Chell's Mind was... mediocre. Or at least I thought so. It just was not of the same quality. But then, I couldn't get past the second episode...
  8. I was a little surprised to see that other are suggesting Rooter Teeth as a possibility for Ross should he be interested in pursuing that. I am perhaps biased since I adore RT, but couldn't Ross working with Rooster Teeth have massive benefits? Rooster Teeth could possibly get him more coverage than Machinima did. And Rooster Teeth is always hiring from the large pool of voice actors, writers, producers that have emerged in the machinima world. Plus, considering how widely popular FM and CP are, I have little doubt that if such a thing were to happen, that the two shows would make a lovely addition to the RT line up. Only if he has the rights to the shows, of course. This is all just pure speculation and wishful thinking. And all those projects that Ross wants to do! He could do them since he would not have to worry about a budget constraint. An example is this. Monty Oum, the animator that created Dead Fantasy and Haloid, was hired by RT. After he busted his ass doing the fight animations for RvB, Burns gave Monty permission to do his own show, RWBY. I'm not saying that Ross SHOULD go for Rooster Teeth or anything like that, but there are possibilities, yes? Honestly, I just want Machinima to get their heads out of their arses and let Ross post videos again. That is the easiest thing and the least amount of headache for Ross, I think.
  9. Did you get the tattoo because it looked cool? Or did you get it because of the band? I'm wondering because I absolutely love Within Temptation. Both. I freakin' love them, gonna see them in November gonna try and get Sharon or Rob to sign my arm so I can get that tattoo'd aswell Marry me. lol In all seriousness, you're one very lucky person. I've been wanting to see them live for ages. I don't think I'll ever get the chance.
  10. Did you get the tattoo because it looked cool? Or did you get it because of the band? I'm wondering because I absolutely love Within Temptation.
  11. I think we can all agree that Ross will most likely be done with the first Half Life game for Freeman's Mind before Valve even gives us more info on Half Life ep 3/Half Life 3.
  12. You are mistaken. She is the greatest video game villain ever.
  13. I think it's an interesting idea. I personally would not have chosen Nick since he already speaks for himself, but that's not really all that important.
  14. That would be extremely impressive if someone managed to pull that off. I imagine it would be hard though. That's a lot of legos, after all.
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