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  1. SEASON 5 EPISODE 4 IS OUT! The Courier explores the inner workings of both Camp McCarran and the NCR military hierarchy itself. Is he going to like what he finds?
  2. SEASON 5 EPISODE 3 IS OUT! The Courier meets the legendary 1st Recon as they try to bag the final bounty. But are they really as good as Boone says or are they legendary for a different reason?
  3. SEASON 5 EPISODE 2 IS OUT The Courier goes after his second bounty, only to find that his affinity for attracting explosions isn't quite over yet...
  4. SEASON 5 EPISODE 1 IS OUT The Courier strikes a deal with the NCR and finds himself facing the infamous Fiends of Outer Vegas.
  5. This one's been overdue for WAY too long:
  6. The horrors of war is the best way I can describe it without ruining the plot.
  7. Is that a good or bad thing? I'd say it's a good thing. The whole game is about how modern military shooters are completely washing away the true horrors of war. I won't post spoilers but suffice to say one moment in particular was a massive middle finger to the AC-130 missions in practically every CoD game since Modern Warfare 1.
  8. Just finished Spec Ops the Line and all I can say is o_O, I might never play another CoD game again.
  9. "Spec Ops: The Line" might be interesting, although apparently it was already inspired by Apocalypse Now.
  10. UPDATE ON SEASON 5!!! Courier's Mind is taking a break until Summer.
  11. Yeah I realised that a while back but I have a few ideas. Just because I CAN have as many companions with me as I want doesn't mean I will: there are some quests out there where having the whole crew around is not really necessary, therefore I can just say they're all taking a break somewhere or sorting out their own problems etc. Hell, I can even use them to skip some uneventful quests e.g. collecting debts (why only have the Courier do all the work when everyone else can pitch in some effort?).
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