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  1. Hey, it's your time. your work, your life..... But Mike and Dave running around town getting into trouble is just the best... The morning Patrol was just the best thing ever... Hell, a live action TV show about it would be a blast, dark comedy..... You and your buddy are great doing the voices, and your sense of humour has stopped me from throttling younger people at my office. Cheers Dude.
  2. How about Dave finds this weird device that opens up portals ? Imagine the trouble they could get into with that thing !
  3. So hard, Oil's well ? the whole "killing five billion people did wonders to solve all of our social issues"....etc.... Friday "That's right, that metal helmet conducts electricity pretty good doesn't it?" Morning Patrol "Dave next time I'm just gonna shoot you instead"...."oh no not again !" and....well hell dudes, all of his CP eps are so full of hilarity goodness ! I praise the Accursed Farm !
  4. Gimme More !!!! Someone really needs to take this to the next level, a Civil Protection 90 mins full feature... Oh yeah, I'd buy that ticket for twelve dollars alright.
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