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  1. Prof. Luigi

    Videochat December 2015

    All Accursed Farms-based fans all playing Planetside would be freaking awesome. Have you any plans aside from just the idea?
  2. Prof. Luigi

    Episode 42?

    I wouldnt be surprised if he made a reference to hitchikers guide to the galaxy in it.
  3. Prof. Luigi

    Who is "Eddie"?

    Throughout the series, freeman has repetedly mention a guy named Eddie. He seems to be a shady friend of freeman somehow. Is like an arms dealer? The head of the local black market? Drug dealer? Speculate and discuss.
  4. Prof. Luigi

    Episode 42?

    It will include freeman in space.
  5. Prof. Luigi

    Freeman's Mind got new honors on Machinima!

  6. Prof. Luigi

    Tomtom GPS car navigation with Freemand's Mind voice?

    "No not down, up, dangit UP!" "Oh, this must be the right way, as opposed to MY way."
  7. Prof. Luigi


    Hey now, Kootra ain't too bad.
  8. Prof. Luigi

    Freeman's Mind special April Fool's day video ideas!

    He will! But it's fun to fantasize.
  9. Prof. Luigi

    Sheridan's mind

    There are a million other games out there. Maybe you can try another.
  10. Prof. Luigi

    John's Mind (Half Life 2 Mind Series)

    Dangit, too many people are doing some sort of half life 2 mind series. First it was corky064, then cptC00L, and then a million other terrible half life 2 mind series. One or two was okay, this is just too many. There are so many other games to do a mind series in. Why half life 2?
  11. Prof. Luigi

    Freeman's Mind special April Fool's day video ideas!

    I vote TehMightyPirate, KrimsonYT, and Cyhanide.
  12. Prof. Luigi

    Future of Freeman's Mind

    People really need to get their facts straight!
  13. Prof. Luigi

    Future of Freeman's Mind

    I don't know. I think I'd be more comfortable if we ran a few more tests.
  14. Prof. Luigi

    What If Freeman Had A Body?

    Ehehehe... HAHAHA! *ahahaha*
  15. Prof. Luigi

    Red's Mind

    Dang, I was gonna make a pokemon mind series. Oh well, back to making my main idea for a mind.

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