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  1. I think there's a whole thread discussing Freeman's stunning ability to carry a small army arsenal in his pockets somewhere on this forum. Hello. I will just put the link for the thread here, to avoid more off topic (well..isn't off topic, but...ehm...you know) viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2434 Btw, really nice episode, Ross. All Freeman's Mind episodes are awesome, and this is just perfect. And I support your decission about not switching to Black Mesa Source. Why? Many of Half-Life 1 Singleplayer Maps have no sense at all. And you make fun about it. With BMS this wouldn't be possible. Sorry my bad english. Great episode.
  2. Well this is just an experiment right now. Who knows, after I finish the movie, if I actually have enough money (which is a big if), I could see traveling to different locations to do this sort of thing if there was enough interest. I just read my comment and it seems that sounds sarcastic. I would like to let you know that it wasn't, if you thought that way. Anyway, if one day you come to Argentina, I will be there !! Guys, have fun in the meetup. And, please, don't kill anybody.
  3. OR, Ross hire some guys to do everything for him, and he just puts his voice. Wow, that would suck...I guess.
  4. Alright, I will sell my house, and pay my ticket to travel from Argentina to USA. But, my house costs $2 ... so.... have fun.
  5. And this is comming since....2008 ... And still it's PERFECT. I mean, when many years passed, some series become shit...but you, Ross, you keep it perfect. Thanks for making us all laugh. And sorry my bad english.
  6. But, the story of Civil Protection isn't going to be continue?
  7. I can't wait to see another episode of Freeman's Mind. It's just awesome.
  8. Great. Thank you, Ross. EDIT: Don't play with my hearth.
  9. Well, my comment was more a joke than anything else. Yay, there is a thread based on my comment. I feel like god. Note: Sorry for my bad english.
  10. "I'm sexy and I know it" ? Haha!
  11. I choose website updates and fixes. Why? If you go to here: http://www.accursedfarms.com/movies/fm/ you can see it isn't complete. And I don't know if there are more things incomplete. ANYWAY, I choose that because I didn't see in the poll "take a time, rest, go out, and leave the PC off" Oh well...Thank you for everything Ross. You are great. Just do whatever you want to do!
  12. Ross, this episode was really good. Really good? It was great....Wait a minute, what am I saying? IT WAS PERFECT. Thank you for making these videos. I really like them. Have a nice weekend, Ross.
  13. Fuck Machinima. We have to create "Rosschinima"
  14. It would be awesome...Freeman screaming, punch sounds, aliens dying.... Ross made Freeman more powerful than Chuck Norris. Ross' Freeman can kill all the fucking world with a fucking crowbar.
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