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  1. This episode was short, and overall boring compared to the last 39... Although I did laugh really hard at alot of scenes! But the worst part? I watch a 7:00 long video and then I feel pretty good, but for what though? Just to wait another 2 months? NOOOOPE! Ross should hire people and that way he'll get episodes done in no time! (I've never hated Freeman's Mind, I just wish there was some miracle to get them out faster!)
  2. I personelly thought it would be funny for him to sound like Dave from Civil Protection, but if it had to be more realistic I would want it to be an angry British guy, what about you?
  3. Okay, last time (I think it was 10.5) he was talking like a pirate. What do you think he should talk like next? A robot? An angry British guy? A crazy old man? A hillbilly? An angry German guy? A drill sergeant? or a Civil Protection?
  4. I'm happy that it's out! That was the best episode yet! And I've been waiting so long. But that's what I am sad about. We wait so long, but our happiness is so short. I mean Ross does make long videos, but in the end we just keep wanting more... Now we'll be waiting until episode 41, then back to where we started off at again... Oh well, it's the circle of life.
  5. I bet all of you older members have been around since the first episode... But I just started watching Freeman's Mind a year ago, so it was alot easier for me because instead of waiting forever for a new episode, I just watched every episode without waiting... But now that I'm caught up I still need to wait for episode 40! :/
  6. Gabe Newell announced that they are working on a "top secret" update for Team Fortress 2. But they also announced that they are going to make "Meet The Pyro" sometime in 2012. So that means the "secret update" and the Meet The Pyro video are seperate updates! So what do you guys think/guess it will be? I'm going to go out on a long shot here and guess that they are making a 10th class! I know it sounds retarded, but 9 is an odd number, they should add a 10th class and make it even... but that is just my idea.
  7. I have some new Half-Life 3 news to share...very uplifting. 1. A Steam group called "A Call for Communication" is wanting over 80,000 fans to join in hopes that Gabe Newell will tell them a little bit of info on the next game. The group already has 50,000 fans and atleast 2,000 people join every day! 2. Gabe Newell says that at E3 2012, that they are going to be announcing something that has a "3" in it. Most likely "Half-Life 3". That is all the news I have!
  8. I know where he puts them all...They're at home, under his mattress. (If you know where that's from then you're awesome.)
  9. Hey, hey, hey. Show Gordon some respect! He doesn't just "push buttons" and "kill things"... He occasionly jumps over things and hits things with the buggy! But seriously.. Remember when you push the switch in Kliener's lab? And then Barney says something like, "Gordon, I see your MIT education really payed off!". That kinda made me laugh
  10. Yeah! Yeah! Ross's fanbase probably IS all based off of Freeman's Mind. Let's hope he does continue!
  11. Or maybe, he just forgot to update he Progress Bar? You guys: "Noooo, Ross Scott isn't like that!" Well it could be that OR maybe he purposely didn't edit the progress bar so we'd be surprised or something, I don't know...Just maybe.
  12. This is a pretty short topic. I was just wondering about something, which is this: Do you remember when he made "Freeman's Mind - Episode 0"? It was a bonus video for the training section, well, I was wondering if you'd think he would make another bonus video...Can you guess which one I'm thinking? The part where you choose G-Man's other offer and decide to stay on the train, before getting killed by alien grunts. I wonder if he'll make that part?
  13. ...And then all of a sudden, Ross Scott votes "Yes" on this poll. I would literally crap my pants!
  14. @Serva I just hope Ross gets paid for this. Because if he does, what if people lose interest someday and he goes broke... Then he'll have to work at Miccy D's and turn into GABEN!
  15. On the opinion that Ross is "running out of jokes" I think that just isn't true. Ross Scott is quick thinking, and a smart person. If you have ever noticed, the jokes he makes are about the situations he's in or his surrounding enviroment... So if he did continue on Half-Life 2, there would be more deadly situations, more characters to interact with and a bigger enviroment... So my thoughts are that (if given enough time) Ross would never run out of jokes, there's literally a joke for everything, and he's pretty funny so he could think of something.
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