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  1. Or maybe he has to work to afford it.
  2. Ross finished! And it's gonna be awesome! Just gotta be patient for Machinima to upload it on Youtube.
  3. kuzmuz


    Finally, weekend. My crush finished elementary school (she is 1 year older than me) so I don't have to face the torture not being able to walk up to her and talk. Feels both good and bad. I'm an idiot.
  4. The Ambassador Pineapple was hilarious, but, to me, Ross creates comedy gold when he opens his mouth.
  5. ''Gooordon Freeeeman. It really is you, isn't it?'' ''And look who it is, the asshole who just fucking sat on the floor pretending to be hurt while I was doing all the work and getting in trouble because of him back in Black Mesa! It was all your fault. But, at least I think you are not the one that stole my helmet, so I'll let you live...''
  6. This is what I wanted to say my whole life- thank you.
  7. I watched it , it was awesome but I felt like Rattman should've had a more crazy, schizophrenic and shivering voice.
  8. You people sometimes amaze me.
  9. Well maybe at some point he will settle and have a better life, so he could work more efficiently. Maybe he will get a team and he will just be doing the recording and acting, so the episodes would be done faster.
  10. Ah, thanks, that was very insightful.
  11. I rarely swear but when around girls I just start cursing and swearing, I don't know why.
  12. What do the gaps in the dialogue bar mean? Did Ross fart when he was recording those parts?
  13. You know shit got serious when Ross replies to your thread.
  14. How dafuq is he gonna take down the chopper without the Tau Cannon? We may never know. I bet he's just gonna run around screaming while the chopper is still shooting.
  15. Kurva also means a whore in Serbian.
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