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  1. I don't think Ross is foolin us, come on... how many years we follow his work near 10 years? He is a smart person, even his jokes (april first or not) are genius and everybody ia satisfied. Serius now.. after so many videos which you can realy feel Ross personality, what he likes or not, his feelings and opinion about many things in our world, did anyone from us (or you guys in general here in forum) haves the feeling Ross is just wants to joke us so bad? Me not, even if this first episode stays only a april fool for months, then you know how or for what capable he is.
  2. I do believe that Gordon didn't realised how far he "jumped" into future for him was just few seconds, like i work in a company with less 45 people i gona have no problems seeing my boss in 20 years from now, but in research facility with 5000? people i guess you can only recognise 2-3 people you worked close toghether, like dr. Kleiner.
  3. i find one thing not true but kind of funny in a way.. Ross you believe, that your regular videos are the best one to spend some time, have information, fun and make ourselfs think about the themes we care and love! (which happends any way ) But not those you will not edit so much (just you speaking about and the game footage), like something to have there to see and click when people are bored or want something to hear on background wile reading or eating breakfast. I believe, even if you make a video about you reading some entries on telephone book will be in fun as hell and still very interessting thing to watch. It will be a random act but i am 100% sure, even if it were a "telephone book reading video" you are able to present facts about a efficient way to read that in a way that nobody else can do that in this world. Because i am convinced to buy Planetside2, your Tutorial is like a opinion from a older brother says "don't be stupid, if your cannot spawn near the battle use this and that, to get there where you want to" This is a compliment from me, like your fan.
  4. I love maps with nature! It feels... right! But i do not know why maps like Xen (or like Mars in Doom3) feel to me wrong. Like the first part of Dead Island, it's fantastic! I am happy that Half Life is mainly on earth. Is that normal for a gamer? I never speak about that. That's why i have for example things like Dead Space.
  5. come on guys... don't spoil so much! I want to know what will happend at the next episode!
  6. Ross, thank you man!!! That was an amazing, awesome and mind blowing episode. In many ways perfect and professional work, we get entairtaining, we make ourselfs think "what if?" or "how?" in a way that we dont care if the game is not a real story happened somewhere. To my eyes and personal feeling, you are the only person who did more for half-life than valve itself in the past 5-7 years and you have become a part of it (if you want it or not), people will allways say in the future: "well ok... J.J. Abrams (or how his name is) wanted to make a movie about this game, ok.... that didn't all the time works 100% perfect... many things are in Doom and FarCry movies very different as in the games" but people will remember and talk about you, as the person who gived Gordon a voice, lifestyle, attitude, opinion about alot of stuffs that possibly can happen inside that game or in real life. Perfect example: you got allways pissed off cause of the tee-cup rides in disneyland, they are designed so in a way if you throw up, you spray many people as possible!! That had only a connection to the rotating elevators in game, but that is what people need to identify with it... not like the valve-theory of keeping Gordon official voiceless, that worked not so well. I mean.. we can only imagine duke nukem with the voice that the actor did, sooooo you are Gordons mind! Well done! _______ So i did think something, like why someone can stay alive and in tact after that kind of teleportation, if teleportation can somehow happens in our world. I am not an expert, the only physics i know well are game-physics hehehehe! (i am only a 3D-game artist) but can we imagine a possibility of keeping a storage of our material (organic or not) in a way inside our dimension, that the distances between 2 points didnt realy harm, split or tare appart that material? It must be something else, we possibly cannot realize or know, like more then antimatter or make a black hole with a stable event horizon and all that stuffs! Do we know all our dimensions here? I mean... we as humans, we are the only ones we think with space and time! Can we find something that considers all known physical laws and bee timeless or/and spaceless?
  7. welcome to tie land Hehehehe! Holy s****! Was near a million or what? did someone knows what this guy on video said? Those are more than few words to express a "wtf?"
  8. Hey remember when Burt Reynolds had a mustache!
  9. thank you! nice work, you have the talent for animations, i mean you transported a funny feeling with the whole kinematic and i believe me - the ending is also perfect! Something like.. shit i am down, my face is eatin' the floor and the freaking ball is rolling at me... So, with near 15 seconds i was able to see the situation like that, it dosen't matter if you used a high-poly or a proxy model with two eyes, it works! Maya? 3dsmax? Blender? C4D?
  10. oh sorry.. i forgot it. the two first are on EDFE (near the main airport in Frankfurt) in Germany, the "3d work in progress" (main terminal) is on LDSP in Croatia, project is not done yet. Winter envir. show's the approach to EDDR, also in Germany, the last one is Dublin in Irland - EIDW. Weird thing, there is no international way to build an airport.. or how to mark a parking position! every country makes her own rules, but yeah it looks like PHX!
  11. this is what i do for the flight simulator x Some envir. work stuffs from my portofolio.
  12. That's true, they all suck (too many beer, i think) Ar / 10
  13. We need a barf-topic, just record & post them in forum. I need some sleep..
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