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  1. Here's episode 3 . Here, I start making use of cheats, for a little twist at the beginning.
  2. Aperture: Creating portals in our dimension. Throws science at the wall and sees what sticks. Created GlaDOS. Black Mesa: Creaitng Portals to and through other dimensions. Scientists are more realistic. Unleashed hordes of aliens and attracted the Combine to our world.
  3. Here's episode 2 I am slightly more satisfied with this one, though I still feel it could be better, but this only scratches the surface of what I have in mind for the future. Things should start getting more interesting from here on out, if everything goes according to plan.
  4. Haha, "Anders' Mind" in Human Error was in fact my other plan. Maybe it will see the light of day sooner or later.
  5. The style isn't intended to stay like this. I knew from pretty much the start that I couldn't do a comedy-oriented series. I'm gunning for a much more dramatic series. The first episode is, though, kinda stupid. I really DID plan to do other games for mind series. The problem is that my plan was to work on two at once. I can hardly find time get videos of one mind series out on a Valve-Time-Esque schedule, much less two. So I had to focus on one game, and, well, Half-Life 2 won out.
  6. Heh, I do think the first several minutes was mediocre and boring especially in comparison to other minds, but at least it is better than the crap version . the last 2 minutes or so kind of redeems it, though, I think.
  7. So, I am trying my hand at a mind series. It is a Half Life 2 series, at least mainly. However, the character is not Freeman, but an original character named John, suspiciously experiencing what is supposed to be Freeman's adventure. I had actually uploaded the first episode a while back...but it was utter crap . So, after some time of fixing it up, I managed to get out a considerably better version. Not as good as I wanted, but still. Anyway, Episode 1
  8. Interestingly enough, in Half-Life 2, Vortigaunts (i think in Black Mesa East) are seen preparing headcrab meals. Of course, there isn't really much else for the rebels to eat, eh?
  9. I like FM and SM almost equally, I have to admit. Barney's Mind started meh, but then I noticed the remake eps were out so I ended up starting over with those instead, and it turned out pretty good. Chell's Mind. Mm. Good enough for me to instantly watch if a new ep comes out. Haven't seen much else, actually. Maybe I'll watch Felix's Mind soon.
  10. But BM:S is supposed to make more sense. To me, some of the funniest things about Freeman's Mind is when Freeman complains how stuff doesn't make any sense. Like the box-smashing room. He could say; "HOLY SHIT! BLACK MESA IS FINALLY MAKING SENSE! IT MUST A SIGN OF APOCALYPSE!"
  11. Heck, the FM was the reason I finally started actively playing Half-Life. Also, in any game appropriate now, I often play it as if I was making a mind series instead of jsut playing the game. Especially Half-Life. "Hey, you, stay behind with this scientist. Here's an extra gun." (Makes it look like I gave him a gun) "Oh, you can't come? Oh, well, you'll a bigger gun. Heres an extra shotgun." (Acts like I'm throwing a shotgun at him.) "Hoogasaka, hoogasaka, hoo-" "Oh hey, I want doritos. Humph(miss). Damn! I can't do a pull-up!"
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