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  1. I'm going to school in September where I'll learn even more. I came from a background in 2d animation where I have done several animations that include entire characters, I've just yet to do that sort of thing in 3d. Also: Only real men render in candy colours.
  2. So, I'm pretty much a self taught animator who started out working in a program called Flash when I was like 9. Now, I do 3d work in the source engine. Here are some examples of my stuff: RnL Mod Animation Reel http://www.youtube.com/user/foist101#p/u/13/YfKAnaViDnc Some Random Unreleased CSS Stuff *I have separate vids of these, but they are from my old PC so they are very laggy. This one works just as well.* AK-Forty Sexy (AK47) CSS (again, slow old video) http://www.youtube.com/user/foist101#p/u/28/EGAVpe7esMg Bizon SMG Test Reel (fairly old) http://www.youtube.com/user/foist101#p/u/33/QCGSce9vFCs
  3. Pre-ordered a while ago. Can't waiiiiit!
  4. Just got through Mafia II. It was alright, I love the whole mobster thing. Plus if you can run PhysX, shooting up a store front results in hundreds of chunks of glass and wood littering the streets and shop floor <3 Starting on Bioshock 2 right away. I like to wait until these games go on sale before I pick em up.
  5. I love a good looking game as much as the next person but sometimes you have to draw the line. Crysis: Incredible visuals and it is fun to play around in the sandbox but the single player was pretty boring. But, on the other hand I have been hesitant to pick up Homefront because it has some pretty lackluster visuals... I think overall gameplay/story is mucho importanto, but pretty visuals don't hurt at all. Penumbra had some nice visual effects but it wasn't AAA quality and its still one of my favorite games of all time.
  6. I liked the original Flatout. I'd go into demo derby and put on some Slipknot (Before I Forget). The groove would kick in just as the lights turned green. I also used to play a lot of NFS on Gamecube back when they were into the illegal street racing stuff (Underground, etc) I had some pretty kick ass cars...
  7. Gah its hard to choose only 5! I have so many classics I love and so many moderns I play all the time! 1. Basically ANY Valve game released since their creation (lul) 2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3. Penumbra Overture+Black Plague 4. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (+Vietnam) 5. Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days (I like this game, so much hate on it. :''C)
  8. Me too. I also don't really see any merit with choosing a favorite, I just enjoy watching them. I enjoyed Oil's Well, but I can see why some might not. Its kinda like a political cartoon; its good if you understand it and are into that kind of humor but most would rather read Garfield.
  9. Damn Mr. Satan! Also if you guys like Penumbra you probably know about Amnesia. Its their most recent well known title. Its not quite as obscure but it certainly has the game play and appeal of an obscure game.
  10. As you can probably tell by now from my avatar, I quite enjoyed this game. I remember playing it way back in 2000 and having a blast. The characters are all insanely creepy and the world is full of wonder and chaos. While it may have received a large amount of praise back in the day, there's quite a few who haven't heard of it. With the new game "Alice: Madness Returns" coming out soon, its worth at least checking out an LP (Helloween4545 has a good one.) Jeez I'm kind of becoming an unofficial spokesperson for him. ^_^
  11. I just mean that they kind of muscled their way into the motion control market to steal the fire. In regards to what Nintendo does with their games they are pretty much on the sidelines; hitting on the soccer moms and handing out balloons while Microsoft and Sony manly flex and grunt.
  12. Hmmm, hard to narrow it down... my favorites are probably SHODAN, Andrew Ryan, Clarence (Penumbra Black Plague, "Take a joke, monkey..."), and GlaDOS for sure. The Queen of Hearts is also, undoubtedly, a massive bitch... 'nuff said.
  13. Haha yeah Nintendo is quite famous for that. While the games may not be quite as pretty who doesn't enjoy a good round of Mario Kart with family or friends? Also I'm glad you used the family-friendly aspect as the niche rather than the technology it employs. While that may be why some people picked it up at first, Sony and Microsoft weren't about to be outdone.
  14. I'll play just about anything (except RPGs... I despise RPGs and MMOs with the burning passion of a thousand suns...) but I mainly play shooters and action adventure games. Although, I guess games like STALKER can be considered RPGs it still has elements I enjoy such as shooting things in the face. When I say RPGs I dislike I mean the ones where you wander a grassy field until you are forced into a mind numbingly slow turn based battle. While I enjoy blasting the ever loving hell out of things I also enjoy a good adventure game (can you tell by my avatar? )
  15. Then again that's another platform that fan boys use to launch attacks from. But I do agree, if there's enough good games on a system to warrant the price I'll get it. That's why I have an XBox, because PS3 had very few games at launch. I'm starting to think about picking one up though because Killzone and Uncharted look delicious.
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