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  1. hehe, I guess I'll just hold out for Frictional Game's current project (I hope it's a scary one) depending on how good it sounds when they release some info on it. I would try Fatal Frame but I'm mainly a pc gamer :/ and I'll have a crack at Blair Witch Project, it seems alot like the old Resident Evil's which I kinda hated, but I'll play and see how I go with it. thanks guys.
  2. so I just finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent (like a B0SS) and I recently played a lot of other games that are apparently 'scary' but Dead Space 1/2, F.E.A.R. or Silent Hill aren't really scratching the itch that Amnesia catered for. I want a scary game, a game that is so genuinely terrifying that it feels like a chore to play and a Nobel Prize award to actually beat. I'm aware of Penumbra and I'm getting that soon (even if it isn't as scary as Amnesia) but when I play, crap pants and then finish Penumbra, I want a game to get my horror spot nice and good. any suggestions anyone?
  3. Mirrors Edge... if I could give multiple rep points to you I would keep giving until my mouse broke because Mirrors Edge is video game perfection it made me very sad that it wasn't mentioned sooner
  4. Moved to the General Gaming section for you. thank you and yeah, my list took and hour of thought, but then so did all those puzzle maps on portal, thats why its right up that list!
  5. well... I guess thats what NX Generators are for... hmm *cough* *cough* *shush*
  6. I thought it was kinda obvious, but everytime I play beta online, I have to wait about 10 seconds for me to be able to collect a block, and whenever I'm trying to walk though a doorway and get teleported back outside the doorway with no chance of getting in and the fact that I can only last about 10 minutes on a server before I lose connection or crash so in short, LAG! maybe its just me but I haven't found a single beta online server that isn't like this, if you know of any that might be a little better then feel free to share (and if it would depend on what country I live in, I live in Australia)
  7. 'spontaneous alien combustion... works for me!' 'yet you guys slip on a banana peel and thats it!' 'way to lock yourself in the freezer, I'm so proud of you' 'so is my education about electro-magnetism wrong or is the WORLD wrong?' 'this is a FAMILY missile silo!' 'no... I don't wanna be a schizophrenic...' 'hey wanna be my human shield? SHUT UP! it was just an idea'
  8. I just realised I put this on a free-for-all topic... my bad... just mentioning
  9. hey everyone, I wanna hear some of your top 5 games (top 10 if you want), I'm interested to seeing what some of the people around here like playing my list took ALOT of thought 1.Portal 2.Killing Floor 3.Minecraft 4.GTA4 5.Resident Evil 4
  10. Australia, a place where our games are released a week behind everyone else... hehehehe... *sob* nicest beaches and some damn good barbeques, the real tragedy is that I never get out... *sob* well at least we have some nice clear weather, but it sucks that I don't have a air conditioner... *sob* but on the bright side... umm... *sob*
  11. combat arms is a really, really, really, crap game, some people like it and I see why, its alot like facebook games (shudder) the way its really cheap and cut down but still addictive to play, its even got its own virtual cash system which you can buy exclusive items. But whether you hate it and play it, or love it and play it, or love it but don't play it and now you want to play it, the message I'm trying to get across is... give me your usernames... oh wait! usernames and opinions on the game!
  12. it was only a matter of time before someone posted a thread about minecraft! god I love minecraft, I got it maybe a few months ago, and I've brought all my mates into it aswell, one criticism I have is beta multiplayer, classic multiplayer works alright, but beta online is pitiful but then, it is only a beta, so I hope when the full game comes out multiplayer will be all patched up and ready for some online crafting of mines
  13. Bloosjen GMod, Killing Floor, HL2:DM and maybe Zombie Panic Source (if I can learn how to play lol)
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