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  1. Never has it been so fun to die repeatedly in a game. If only we could shoot people out the air-vents... I guess you'll just have to settle for opening the outer doors to space. ;P
  2. I don't understand how people can't automatically love checking passports and visas. It even has action, people often get blown up. I find it fun.
  3. I say he does create an account to upload from, but also send them to machinima. he can create the account just to upload to here.
  4. Well, although it is short, i do have a bit of a webcomic list myself. It consists of: VG Cats Romanticaly Apocalyptic Dr. Mcninja Sequential Art That's about all the webcomics i read, they're pretty good.
  5. Gah, my desktop is no where near neat.
  6. I'm from Washington, and yes, it does rain as much as you'd expect here, if not more (not including the eastern part).
  7. if you are not familiar with Minecraft, not only can many, many people tell you about it, you can check it out on wikipedia, but it also has it's own Minecraft Wiki. If you think that it seems rather interesting, like many thousands of people, then purchase beta here, or, you could play classic (a non updated browser version) for free. Feel free to post any cool mods or awesome texture packs you think need sharing! Have fun, Minecraftians!
  8. It's good to see some Duke fans around here, i'm itching to see DNF be released, the trailer was so badass.
  9. personally, i enjoyed the time where he said "better than a hundred probably guilty people die than one of them get a clean shot on me". really reminded me why i love this stuff.
  10. i am listening to sudden death, by megadeth. i've been listening to it for twenty minutes now ^^.
  11. well, because i, and tons of other people around the world, love one piece and love to watch it, i think i'll make the thread for it, because nothing that awesome can go without it's own thread. a good place to watched English subbed is WatcOP.com, a good site for one piece episodes. one thing before we get started, don't give anything away. not even if it's just the first episode. Have fun!
  12. my name is charles20101, but i'd really appreciate it if you all would call me john. nice to meet y'all.
  13. before we get started, a few rules are necessary. First: follow the rules of the forums, this is a no-brainer. Second: do not advertise your clan here, also do not brag over "amazing" kill streaks or personal skill. Third:please, do not come here to troll. trolling includes (but is not limited to): bragging, insulting, rudeness, sarcasm, and anything else not welcomed. do not feed trolls. Fourth: have fun and follow the rules!
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