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  1. Maestro

    Steam Name Thread

    Hey guys, there's an Accursed Farms group on Steam. Y'all should join up so we can find each other more easily.
  2. The guy who posted those videos has some good videos about climate change as well. I think knowing about peak oil is more important not because you can change the course of oil depletion, but because you can prepare accordingly.
  3. Maestro


    I just gave myself 1 reputation...might wanna fix that.
  4. Maestro

    Counter strike

    I play it, but only with friends on a server one of us runs for private use.
  5. Maestro

    Steam Name Thread

    Steam names! I know at least a large minority of you have them, if you didn't then you probably got one just to buy GMod after you saw some of Ross's stuff. Mine is MaestroManDan, hit me up for some CS:S, L4D2, or Alien Swarm anytime.
  6. Maestro

    So, how is everyone?

    Not really sure how to start the first post in a forum...so how is everyone?

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