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  1. All Accursed Farms-based fans all playing Planetside would be freaking awesome. Have you any plans aside from just the idea?
  2. I wouldnt be surprised if he made a reference to hitchikers guide to the galaxy in it.
  3. Throughout the series, freeman has repetedly mention a guy named Eddie. He seems to be a shady friend of freeman somehow. Is like an arms dealer? The head of the local black market? Drug dealer? Speculate and discuss.
  4. It will include freeman in space.
  5. "No not down, up, dangit UP!" "Oh, this must be the right way, as opposed to MY way."
  6. Hey now, Kootra ain't too bad.
  7. There are a million other games out there. Maybe you can try another.
  8. Dangit, too many people are doing some sort of half life 2 mind series. First it was corky064, then cptC00L, and then a million other terrible half life 2 mind series. One or two was okay, this is just too many. There are so many other games to do a mind series in. Why half life 2?
  9. People really need to get their facts straight!
  10. I don't know. I think I'd be more comfortable if we ran a few more tests.
  11. Dang, I was gonna make a pokemon mind series. Oh well, back to making my main idea for a mind.
  12. I can't wait to see what his reaction to breen is either. I imagine his reaction to finding out that breen is pretty much the high human ruler of the earth. "Wait, Breen's the big man? What? That's crazy! I bet he got to rule earth just because he so was high up the corperate ladder, pulled a few strings, and bam. King of the world. So much for the meek inheirting the earth. ...Okay, I'm not meek, but I deserve it anyway."
  14. *SINGLE MANLY TEAR* :'s We lost a good mind out there today. He was good. Maybe even the best.
  15. Are you sure about Kleiner? I know for sure that Eli is there, and maybe they got it all confused. Because the guy who says it's about to go critical, if I remember correctly, is the Einstein guy, not Walter Glasses (The predecessor to Dr. Keiner). So I have really no reason to believe that it is kleiner. But cannonically, Eli is the black guy who says "What is going on with our equipment?".
  16. Ahh yes, awakening. I actually enjoyed that mod up until the citadel where I didn't know what to do so i started doing rodeos on the striders. Ontopic: This was an epic fanale. It was a shame there wasn't a whole lot of human interaction exept for that guard. (And maybe Gman). I also liked the end, where...
  17. I absolutely loved how he was raging in the beginning. "RAAAGH! RAAGASAAGAMADARADF-hey wait a second. I have a satchel charge!"
  18. "Hey, can you check if my barrel is clogged? BAM!"
  19. Alyx may be overestimating how much Gordon knows about Black Mesa. Alyx: "Remember him from Black Mesa?" Gordon: "No." Alyx: "Your old administrator?" Gordon: "I-- Alyx: "Don't get my dad started on Dr. Breen." Gordon: "That's the administrator? I thought he'd be bald stroking a cat." I think that freeman's raction to breen pretty much being the ruler of the earth would be: "Wait, my old boss got to be the ruler to the entire earth? What? I don't remember seeing that as a potential job benefit for his job! I know I should have made a bigger effort to climb the corporate ladder sooner."
  20. Well, this next one is a little boring since it's just digging up graves, cutting up geckos, and yeah, that's pretty much it. :/ Hope it gets a little more hyped up soon.
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