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  1. That would be cool . Hopefully we do see it
  2. No. If rebels eat Headcrabs well. well Headcrab blood would be drained out of the headcrab before cooking. The headcrab meat should taste like Ground Hamburger meat cooked. And the leg would be cut open and they take everything out of the legs( expect the bones if they have bones) and stuff it with cheese or something else.
  3. We could make a headcrab burger(very old joke ik). or make it how they do with real crabs. Headcrab lags any one
  4. Well. What about the scientist with the shotgun? He could be who Dr. Kleiner. or Dr. Kleiner was late too?
  5. well for all we know D.Kleiner could be at MIT at the time
  6. Well IF Gordon finds Dr. Kleiner he has an gun gordon refuses to shot him. And if gordon shots Kleiner gordon is headshoted. well give ideas!
  7. "what the name of Albert IS that a floating 100 Feet baby?" when it fires the teleports at him "OMG GREEN BALLS OF LIGHT!"
  8. Gman hides and holds all of his weapons and gives them to freeman when he doses not even know
  9. He'd run for office so he can shut down black op and the marine core that attack him in black mesa. And try to find out why a 100 ft baby attacked him with green balls of light
  10. i was talking about when he is done with the first half-life and when he doses half-life 2
  11. I know this is late and at the wrong time. But just think! Like the windows 7 thread. Discuss
  12. that is a bowser not a compter
  13. Well if u don't know how to use windows 7 u don't know how to use vista. It get easyer on the way down ross take your time. Windows 7 is like a mix of windows xp and windows vista. The easy why to use windows 7 is looking for walktrouths Ross
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