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  1. just like waking up when you first do your just miserable to be out of bed but then eventually you wake up and start getting everything moving
  2. I'm guessing that when he starts updating the website stuff (like the progress bar) it slows episode production so I'm content with it just like it is
  3. Such an odd conversation for a forum post titled "Freeman's Mind: Episode 38"
  4. Machinima is probably just adding the intro and the outro so when there done (after they've added like 400 more COD videos that are basically the same) the'll get there ass in gear and put out the good content like Freeman's Mind
  5. I've always used Google chrome I don't import a lot of programs either but i desperately need the spell check so far typing this I've spelled 3 words wrong that's how bad it gets haha
  6. Ya haha i wasn't sure 6 hours ago ifi would see it or GoW 3 first so Deus Ex is fine with me
  7. I refuse to even subscribe to machinima due to the fact they put out 3billion COD videos a day so I get to wait until its uploaded here
  8. i use firefox usualy haha
  9. Oh i joined (and found) the site while there was a prrogress bar
  10. Does anyone els miss the progress bar or is it just me? I'm not demanding it I just would like to see it again i feel a little in the dark about FM production
  11. Mario can throw fireballs (undert the right circumstance) and can be invincible (under the right circumstances) he doesn't need a gun
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