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  1. Decided to go with three funny screenshots.
  2. It's really stupid they waited until 8.6k votes to tell you that. I don't know how many people would know to re-vote.
  3. OT: I don't really care either way.
  4. If you can't see them it's a technical issue on your end.
  5. Go play MP1. Now. And yeah, I'd like to see one too. Metroid is one of my favorite game series. It doesn't even have to be written by a girl either, just voiced by one.
  6. Has anyone successfully soloed the second door in the Hero's Trial yet? I'm having a ton of trouble, especially when a lot of ranged enemies spawn in the same room.
  7. We subscribed to the playlist back when you could still do that. The video shows up on our subscriptions, but we can't play it since it's private. Private videos also don't show up in searches, so you wouldn't be able to find it anyway. I'm disappointed that we've finally got another Mind done, decently sized at 10 mins too, and we can't have it.
  8. Who said you can't be crazy and right at the same time?
  9. 252k people watched it. I liked the ending.
  10. I bet it'll be another week before they notice. View count went up by one. Maybe they're fixing it now.
  11. Freeman's Mind 38 was uploaded as a private video D:
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