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  1. A nova is an explosion when a white dwarf in a binary system sucks away hydrogen from a companion star, which eventually ignites, giving the appearance of a new star. (hence, nova) A supernova is when a massive star, much larger than our sun, starts collapsing. The compression generates more heat, making fusion processes more intense. The pressure generated eventually overcomes the star's gravity in a spectacular explosion.
  2. Galaxy?? Holy shit I did not know that the sun was that big. It will probably just engulf Mercury and Venus, maybe Earth.
  3. Having to argue with an infinite number of trolls on the internet. For eternity.
  4. About my sudden absence: Do to a series of fuck-ups last school year, my parents decided to block all of my favorite websites. I can only post stuff from a friends house, so expect stuff from me to be spotty.
  5. Razor, still dumbfounded about how he could have let someone buy the hill from under him, walks up the hill in a silent rage. Seeing that Bravetriforcer is not there, but his old nemesis, Psychotic Ninja, he lets out a long sigh and picks up his "Rods from God" designator. Running as far from the hill as possible, he targets P.N.'s head. P.N, and the neighboring countryside, gets crushed by a 20 foot long tungsten rod traveling at 36,000 feet per second.
  6. Black Mesa isn't a Bond villain base, Freeman, you're just being paranoid.
  7. 20 years from now, everything will be as is. Or, kurtjmac will reach the Far Lands.
  8. No, if real life was Gmod, people would just keep nuking each other.
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