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  1. I've watched this while I was still in Middle School. Then it was over. Now this started while I'm in university. On April 1st. I don't know how to feel about this.
  2. I recommend to you the Eufloria soundtrack. It's a really bizarre style of music but it's really relaxing. Here's a sample: Sorry for sending a youtube video. I didn't find a soundcloud of the Eufloria soundtrack. I do own it on steam because I got the game before the HD version though (as well as a free copy of the HD edition, really nice from the devs). But anyway, it's a really interesting soundtrack.
  3. Ah, happy birthday Ross. Thanks for all the awesome videos you've done. Edit: Oops, I saw the music thread. Sorry about that.
  4. Hey, I've sent an e-mail and all that. I use lbluedust as my current e-mail so sorry for the confusion.
  5. Oh, I actually won. Yay for free stuff. I was dying of laughter when I took the Sven Co-op screenshot. It was an odd time where I was playing with a friend/person I'm dating/humanoid creature.
  6. Oh, I'm like a screenshot maniac (1700+ screenshots on steam). This should be fun. Fun bugs ahoy from Morrowind Left 4 Dead 2 is always a fun game to banter about. Sven Coop is fun times.
  7. I'm glad that Ross is getting this financial boost. Hopefully the new HD stuff is going to make everyone happy. I'll watch all the new FM episodes in HD to show my appreciation. And everyone that donated is a scholar and a gentleman.
  8. It has to happen! Robot has to attack dog!! Oh and somehow finishing FM this year would be great too. I'm glad Ross decided to took the initiative. With the extra money from the donations Ross could also go with other hardware upgrades if needed and buy an entire bean factory (why bother buying the cans, produce the stuff yourself).
  9. Well, after a minute or so of looking at the machinima website I've come to the conclusion that this is a catastrophic downfall to yet another media entertainment. Nowadays entertainment is blatantly focused towards very easy to make and immature content without much thought put into it. It's as easy as saying that it's "good" or "realistic" that people can end up sucking up like it's some crazy 99 percent discount of something and it's quite sad. And below are some pictures of what I saw in machinima's website after looking around for a minute. A lot of false advertising on it and typical corporate slang put into it. Also a lot of treating you as a child (also a theme in a lot of modern media nowadays, I suppose to appeal to the younger audience and such). (Spoiler is here because pictures are big and I don't want to upset anyone with that)
  10. Well, it seems like Machinima's business practices are getting worse and worse each year. The fact that they "lost" your signed contract is enough to make anyone cough in suspicion. I hope that whatever the future of actual machinima is, it will be lead by the creators of the machinima itself and not a fussy company that claims rights over your own work.
  11. Glad to see machinima being back up (not from mabadnima.com). Though not all LP's are bad. There are lots of LPers out there that put fort effort. From the SomethingAwful lets players to some rarer ones on youtube such as ManlyBadAssHero and Helloween4545. They put editing effort and also do practice the games first. And if it's a blind LP they try to edit it out (though Slowbeef does upload livestreams that are unedited, though I don't count those as LP's).
  12. Nice episode as always. A quick question though. Ross, have you played the MOTHER games and if you had, what's your opinion about them?
  13. Ross, in the future will you pick requests people give out to you (obviously old games, there's rarely anything that interesting from modern games, well, at least the majority of AAA games).
  14. *NOTE FROM ROSS* Either the website or else I somehow accidentally deleted your post and it was replaced with a copy of the announcement. I don't know how this happened. Go ahead and edit this and change it back to whatever you wanted to say. Sorry blue_dust!
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