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  1. Hmm, I don't have a workshop item, but maybe it is similar to guides. When I visit my guide I have visibility settings. Public, Private and Hidden. Maybe there is something similar for Workshop submissions and you have it on Private.
  2. Want to vote. Can't. Here is the error message that shows when you click on the announcer pack:
  3. You basically already have my money for that announce pack (which would be the first pack I'd actually buy). Could you post some sample lines to give us some more hype?
  4. First the Tau cannon, now the hive hand. Yes, I know it is in character, but it is still really frustrating to see him go past the best weapons. At least we can be certain that he will take the gluon gun.
  5. Well, now the question is, if he will pick up the tau cannon sometimes before entering Xen, because if not it would really be some wasted potenital :/ Great episode though ;D
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