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  1. I don't know if this has been said before but i think you could seek free legal (known as legal aid in the u.s.) since you know, being low on cash and all.
  2. This (so far) has originals and covers.
  3. Oh yeah, they should totally fucking team up dude! It'd be so fucking awesome if they'd all move over to TGWTG/Blip. Ye know. Djy1991 (David Young) & DasBoSchitt. Shit'd be so awesme. Just think of all the possibilities.
  4. Hey hey hey, hold your horses. Let's give them a little more time before immense hate begins.
  5. Maybe. Just Maybe. Blip.tv. are scared of posting your content because Machinima might sue them. D'ya think it's possible?. Try searching 'Freeman's Mind' on Blip.tv.
  6. Kickstarter wouldn't make any sense for this sort of thing. it'd get underpaid and less than worthwhile attention.
  7. Hey Ross. Have you tried Voice123?
  8. Dear Ross. I'm being curious here. Do machinima have some sort of 'binding' contract (possibly an expired one?) claiming IP (intellectual property) of you, your youtube account(s) or your portrayal of Gordon Freeman?. If they do. 1. Create a new Youtube Account under another username, careful not to link it with any existing info. 2. Link adsense (that's what i heard was done) to the account in your girlfriend's name. 3. Make let's plays of games you love, fuck. revisit sonic if you have to. 4. Fallout 3/NV? Also, in full honesty, if i had some leftover wingwangs i'd be more than happy to upload say, 50 or 100 bucks your way for the hours of entertainment, and of course, just, being a part of your work (le civil protection christmas special)
  9. The more you know, my friend
  10. Here you go On October 26, 1996, a well-known gaming clan, the Rangers, surprised the Quake community with Diary of a Camper, the first widely known machinima film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSGZOuD3kCU In January 2000, Hugh Hancock, the founder of Strange Company, launched a new website, machinima.com. The new name surprised the community; a misspelled contraction of machine cinema (machinema), the term machinima was intended to dissociate in-game filming from a specific engine. The misspelling stuck because it also referenced anime. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machinima
  11. RT is signed with Machinima? What the hell are you talking about? They have nothing to do with Machinima. They are their own company. http://www.machinima.com/affiliates They are in the least, affiliated with Machinima.
  12. RT is signed with Machinma. Ross is signed with Machinima. Going down in the ladder?.
  13. Me neither, but lots of people sure seem too. I wonder where they get all these insider tips, I say sarcastically. I read this article not a long time ago stating that the majority of today's machinima directors have signed away their 'life' on youtube to make money off their videos. There's bullshit in the contract, like machinima owns all material you post on youtube until your death, possibly even longer, and that everything you make will belong to machinima. But in my opinion, those kind of 'traps' can be gotten out of via a good lawyer.
  14. Seeing as how he still works with machinma he already has.
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