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  1. Ross, you're doing that thing again... Dammit man, you can't just tease us and leave us with that edit, no matter how pants-wettingly funny it is!
  2. Ross -- if you die, can we catapult your diseased corpse at the spammers, or would you plan on being reanimated? Personally, I like the reanimation idea but you seem to be in flu-ass-kicking mode, so we'll have to wait about 50 years I suppose.
  3. Bouncing off of what Cousin Vinnie said, it's not necessarily the quantity, it's the quantity of the quality. I wouldn't suggest limiting yourself to a time frame for these videos. You have a great commentary style, pick very interesting games, and have a pretty sultry voice that more than makes up for parts that aren't 100% humor. Say what you need to say; don't bloat your video with meaningless commentary, and don't limit yourself to a short video that doesn't fully express what you think. I'm loving these almost as much as FM itself!
  4. I saw the video you posted for this game, and actually have high hopes for it. I hope you succeed, I like the simplistic graphics attached with what seems like a wide open island sky and epic battles. Kudos!
  5. However extreme or rude it is to suggest this as I am not a HUGE fan of places like this, you could probably try such places like RoosterTeeth (more specifically, places like them that are more in-sync or aligned with voice acting and machinima voice acting). I doubt employers of voice actors are looking on websites like AccursedFarms (however, I wouldn't doubt they do so on occasion, depending on the employer).
  6. Will definitely buy, but waiting until Christmas to buy one for myself and a friend.
  7. I personally wouldn't think it'd be that distracting. Maybe keep going a couple of episodes, create an episode ending like episodes 10 - 10.5 - 11 (I know that was an April fools), and switch over. I'd use RvB as evidence to how well graphical transitions can work into a machinima, but then again, RvB wasn't first-person.
  8. If so, is that good or bad for the Accursed Farmers? They probably got to hear Ross yelling like Freeman at the how fucked they are with some physics references thrown in.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't think Ross has nearly enough money to afford all the Koolaid required for a cult.
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