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  1. The first thing I did when I bought a VR headset was to download the Star Trek Enterprise tour that was shut down a few years ago for copywright. What I mean is, I get you, Ross The Shaper
  2. This is like a videogame version of The Good Place. In the end of the episode you're describing the hell version of The Good Place series!!
  3. Is it me or every episode Freeman is becoming more like Rick from Rick and Morty? Crazy ass super inteligent scientist that has no regard for life
  4. Ross Scott and Star Trek? I AM DREAMING? Please Ross, don't skip DS9, it's one of the best series. It's less episodic (the last ten episodes are just a continuation) but it's very good and expands a lot on the ST lore. It's darker and isnt afraid to show the bad side of the Federation. I wouldn't mind more episodes of Star Trek analysis!
  5. Those were some very fucked up backgrounds in deed Thanks for ALL of that. Playing that game must have been really tedious at some point. And tracking down the creator and releasing it as a freeware, that's just awesome, thanks Ross. Anyway, with this kind of stuff you're not helping us with your gf regarding those "is Ross alive?" posts. Just saying.
  6. Oh, man, THAT feeling. To be playing a game, had invested hours in it and then, not even half way, not wanting to keep playing it. I felt that before, it is not a nice feeling Anyway, I didnt play it and I will definitely not play it now. And the teal thing is really a pain in the ass. It happened a little in the Arkham series. The game looks awesome but it's easier to find enemies in the "detective mode", so "you should use it, so our arts and design department means nothing!". Poor people, man Thanks for another great episode, Ross!
  7. Awesome video! I would love to play the game with your changes, Ross, sounds like very complicated fun! About the blur, I always like pictures with that effect, and for the video was kind of neat! But maybe if one is playing it could get annoying Keep 'em coming, Ross! Excelent as usual
  8. Well, that was a very good video, Ross! I would have thought that the neverending exploration in No Man's Sky would beat your hate for the way it looks. It does in my case Excellent choices nevertheless, with some games I have similar times -2 to 4 years- so I added Firewatch, Riot and We Happy Few (especially this) to the list. Thanks!!
  9. Awesome! The information, that is On the tech stuff I don't have a clue, but I can tell you that your recordings sound extremely well, I would stick to that microphone if the alternative is way too expensive (and I'm guessing it is) For the models and textures you need for the movie, you could ask the fanbase for that. I'm now working full time for -probably- the rest of my life so I won't be able to help with that, but I think if you need a haystack some of the fanbase would be happy to help out, and it's probably better if you can choose the characteristics of the props you use Ok! Thank you for the info! I'll be expecting Game dungeon! I really like the series in its current state, so I'm not sure why you say it needs improvement: I really like what I see Cheers!
  10. shit shit shit shit shiiiiittttt!! thank you, Ross!!!!! to add to all the people who had been sharing: Since I started watching I moved from being a student to being a working medic. I just want to ask you one more thing, Ross (even though I have no right): I would love to share again, in 7 years, how I've grow up. It's kinda magical. I can't wait to be amazed by your future work. Great video, as always
  11. Holy cow! That's why I love the future
  12. On one side, that would be freaking awesome On the other, people are gonna freak out waiting for the next "season" (since Ross obviously has to take a very long vacation)... it would be a terrible cliffhanger! But a great one
  13. That would be an AWESOME spin-off for HL haha Great episode, Ross. There's no need for screaming when you have such good writing! The Month of Freeman is GREAT!
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