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  1. erG0

    Music Question - The Tunnel

    Try this: http://depositfiles.com/files/lgtstbl7z
  2. erG0

    Map of Black Mesa Research Facility

    It is best that I can danielsangeo, thank you! But I've got the problem with textures, too. For some reason, Crafty can load only embedded textures, ignoring ".wad" files. When I try to load "c0a0.bsp" or "c0a0a.bsp", they appears textured, because they contains embedded textures, but for most of ".bsp" files it is not so. Perhaps, the program expects, that ".wad" files should be inside ".gcf" or ".pak" archives... I don't know.
  3. erG0

    Music Question - The Tunnel

    Does anybody knows, what is the name of track, which plays right before they start talking about crows? I love ambient music, and I would like to hear the full version of this track.
  4. erG0

    Map of Black Mesa Research Facility

    AFAIK, Half-Life is the only 3D FPS game, which has stand-alone interactive 3D map. But the author has gone for over a 10 months: Last visited: Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:41 pm It would be a pity, if this map would be lost or just unused. ripa has made an excellent work but, as he wrote: "Copyright is obviously Valve's" Also, he made the source file available for a free download, but sharing server is no longer exists. danielsangeo, please, re-upload the file to 4shared.com or multi-up.com Thank you in advance.
  5. erG0

    Map of Black Mesa Research Facility

    The map looks really great, but can anybody re-upload the .blend file? Megaupload is still closed...

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