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  1. We've got a long way to go before incendiary ammo. We can have arrows on fire, however...
  2. That I haven't found. It wasn't even mentioned in comments, I don't think. Whereas the tracks I've found were said to come from "The Black Mirror".
  3. I like the fact that the game isn't easy. Too many simplified games nowadays. They're dumbed down (in more aspects than difficulty, mind you) for casual audiences too much. Which in itself is a stupid decision because a casual group will NOT stick with the games. Hence, they lose interest of many fans and lost the people they're pandering to in the first place. For example: Compare "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" to "Splinter Cell: Conviction".
  4. "We've Got Hostiles" was shorter than I remember.
  5. Especially since: * There's actual lines for the Anomalous Materials chapter. * The Box Smashing Room actually HAS a purpose. (It has doors where boxes are offloaded, but they're closed) * There are SOME alterations. (Unforeseen Consequences with the Houndeyes) * The layout is now realistic. It's not "gaming" type. Even in Residue Processing. It would probably be like: 60 to 75 percent the same. There's still plenty that remains the same to the original Half-Life. (Encounters that I remember are still in same places.)
  6. The guard lines are funny: "Nice shot, you cock-eyed bastard!" "Yeah, targets move, jackass!" "Gordon, I think they're shooting blanks."
  7. Black Mesa. Where to begin? HOW to begin? How to do both of those rhetorical questions yet keep the post brief? I was initially worried news of release was a sick joke, and it'd never see release. I am glad to be wrong. I played it on the day of release. My mind was blown. Every single expectation of the kind of game it would be exceeded. The gameplay, care to detail, good writing. (IE: Dialogue giving explanation where to go) It is all there. A person could easily believe it to be an actual licensed game. To sum it up as shortly yet accurately as possible: "It is a labor of love by true fans of the original Half-Life."
  8. So: Don't expect a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 because the main dude pulled an EA move (Firing off production team and keeping the IP but letting it die), but we can expect a Spiritual Successor. (Like "Bioshock" being one of "System Shock", or "Fallout" being one of "Wasteland")
  9. This is awesome, a mod many have been waiting for released in 10 days. I hope this isn't some cruel joke.
  10. Good stuff created with GMOD: War of the Servers, Combine Nation, Maintenance Man. For Source: Filmmaker, it does seem like a good choice. Once you figure out how to do things. Minimal difficulty for someone who's used regular animation tools before. Although it IS a shame they don't have a "Save" function for animation, or support for the rest of the Source Engine stuff. (All has to be downloaded or converted) Although as shown, work can possibly be minimized with motion capture via Kinect, this is not a new concept, I've seen a crude version on the GMOD website.
  11. Yeah, I have also wondered about that one. I found every other piece of music in the video, but that one is unlisted and could've come from anywhere. Also, is there going to be an upload of the track I was originally looking for?
  12. Yes. Also damn, I was gonna say that. But then I'm also glad to see someone else has made the connection. (Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, essentially the same, but some slight differences.)
  13. Maybe, maybe not. He did skip good sized segments of the game. Mostly from "Freeman being able to do a pull-up." But there were others. He might just skip another good size chunk and have the series over a little sooner than your prediction.
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