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  1. By far, U.S.A is retarded. No offense to anyone who lives there but by golly the Bill is going lower the advertisement of games for the companies... Not to mention shut down Let's Players, Guides, Funny Comedic Machinima and anything else related to gaming. If this passes I will personal head to the U.S.A to riot!
  2. Banned for living in New Zealand
  3. Did you know that 75% of the time people will believe these statistics?
  4. Did you know haters gonna hate?
  5. Other: Parodies, Remixes etc
  6. Another forum game. I'll start so you get the idea. Can we please stop talking about 2012 being the end of the world?
  7. Banned for have an entire army!
  8. Banned for thinking I didn't check since we're in different time-zones.
  9. Red Faction 1 was better than 2 imo. Nothing to do with the actually storyline whatsoever.
  10. Banned for not releasing a new HD Doom 3
  11. Did you know that I don't know?
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