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  1. Why would I get banned when I am the one frequently being flamed by hyperactive and hostile users? I haven't really insulted anyone on my time on this forum. You and several others have flamed me several times, yourself most recently calling me "an asshole" as you apparently lack the capacity to express yourself in any other manner than aggression and insults. If anyone is to be banned for breaking rules, I dare say that you yourself are a viable candidate, along with people like Kirkgard or whatever his name is, joyfully suggesting that you all set up a chatroom in my negative reputation comment thing. I have no objections to you all indulging yourselves in such a childish pursuit, on the contrary, I savour the blatant hypocrisy and rule-breaking by those who'd like to pretend that I am a forum menace. Again, I haven't insulted anyone. I've expressed confusion about a cult phenomenon which, logically, should not exist. The response from most people here really has been nothing more than childish hostility and name-calling from a group of people who are incapable of tolerating any views which contradict their own, quick to judge any negative opinions about a childrens cartoon as trollish. A troll is someone who makes an effort to anger others by making patently illogical statements to provoke arguments, and I'm sorry, but a group of people which is this childish in nature, which angers itself so easily and is so quick to instigate dramatic pissing-matches over nothing, has no right to call anyone a troll. The problem is on the bronies end and it lies in their immaturity, not on my end, as I have been perfectly calm, completely reasonable, and have even taken a genuine interest in the source and root cause of this bizarre phenomenon. In short, childish people who throw temper tantrums over nothing cannot simply blame everyone else for setting them off. You people need to grow up and learn to control yourselves, if something as innocuous as my post can send you into a blind and hateful rage. I find it quite amazing that anyone could think there is something inherently wrong, illogical or "trollish" about pointing out how unnacceptable this obnoxious attituide and childish behaviour is. Seriously. Grow up. This advice isn't even about the interest you all have in childrens cartoons, but about the way you handle yourselves and respond to potential criticism in general. It certainly does offer a partial insight into some of the reasons behind some of your interests, though. I can certainly see an apparent correlation here between these interests and the implied mental age that some of you have shown in your ridiculously hostile comments over the past months. It's interesting that you are not all so childish and hastily judgmental... But to clarify in addition to what you have said, I don't hate anyone for liking a TV show aimed at little girls, I've only ever expressed confusion about it, and concern at worst. The only people being jerks and throwing around insults on this forum, as far as I've seen, have been the small clique of bronies who have taken it upon themselves to roam the roads and fields of the accursed farms, repping each other and using their ill-gotten gains to harass many newcomers, not to mention vandalizing bus shelters and terrorizing old ladies. It's really no surprise when considering that bronies are generally infamous on the internet with a solid reputation for being trolls themselves, as a little research shows.
  2. I tried to do this with "Sonic for hire" series/playlist recently but it ended up subscribing me to Machinima proper again and I practically was overcome with sadness.
  3. You know, I have to wonder... When I first saw Freeman's Mind, I subscribed to Machinima to keep up, but then I unsubscribed several days later upon realising that they were spamming me with really awful, terrible garbage that just made my subscriptions a pain to dig through. Then I just decided fuck it, and unsubscribed. I was actually dumb enough to subscribe more than once, too, hoping maybe things would be different. Things were not different tough... The same old stupid Halo videos with action figures using a voice synthesizer to LOL at things that weren't funny, so naturally I kept unsubscribing until the cows came home. I wonder how many other people had a similar experience and unsubscribed, only to later forget the series ever existed... I bet a Freeman's Mind channel would retain many more subscribers for the series than Machina could ever hope to keep for it.
  4. For about the billionth time: Holding opinions that differ from your own is not trolling. Constantly calling someone a troll for no reason, however, is.
  5. It's hardly a phenomenon, terrible fandoms are part of the internet. MLP is just as bad as the Naruto, Furry, Harry Potter, Final Fanatasy and Sonic fandoms, people like to obsess over things and be a part of a community, even if those communities are cancerous, obnoxious and repugnant. The only one that seems directly comparable in that list is the "Furry" people. Very creepy and unsettling. The others are all kind of reasonable, even if they do not suit my interest. But with a large chunk of a generation of adult males being so preoccupied by a rehash of a cartoon for young girls... This really is a symptom of some greater problem within our cultures today. Something has gone wrong somewhere, and it's legitimately a true concern. This kind of thing shouldn't generally happen, an outbreak of such mental peculiarity. Clearly something has changed in modern man, some natural defence of some kind has to have been worn down in some way, across a large section of the populace, in order to facilitate the propagation of this bizarre affliction. It worries me. Do any of you "bronies" happen to be aware of any kind of scientific research that has been performed on your kind, in an effort to uncover what it is that has altered your minds in order to make your "preferences" capable of existing? I would really like to know and understand the root cause of this mass neurosis. Maybe if I ever get around to it, I will develop a survey of my own, to try and feel out an image of the psychological background of the typical brony, and unearth what it is exactly that drives them, makes them tick. It's actually quite fascinating, albeit in a rather morbid way. I really dislike the bulk of this "fandom" more than most others, but probably because all fandoms are bad and this is just the one that I've been exposed to more than any of the others in my travels. All "fandoms" are apparently infested with shippers and people who are only there to be involved with a popular community or trend. Talking about the fandom only of course, as Homestuck itself is beyond criticism and incomparable to any other work of fiction in the history of man. Ah, you know, I had completely forgotten the furry element of the Sonic fanbase. Using the word "nostalgia" made me think you meant boring Genesis/Megadrive nerds and I wondered how they could possibly be as unsettling as men who adore little girls' cartoon ponies, but yeah you must mean those new games with all the extra characters and bullshit... Yes. Very gay.
  6. This whole phenomenon is actually pretty terrifying.
  7. The irony of "the herd" denouncing any other human interest or activity on earth. Excessive tolerance. Whether in the case of adults obsessing over cartoons for little girls, or in the case of pornolized medical buses, or in the case of drugs... In the case of anything. Excessive tolerance is the problem.
  8. As much as I agree shouldn't we try to stay on topic as Alyxx said? Isn't asking this question only a further extension of the off topic topic? We could philosophize on this for days.
  9. I wish to bleeding slow-roasted Christ that the medieval project was set in Ghouls N' Ghosts on the megadrive. CTTCDtos3JI Arthur's mind? Oh fuck yes.
  10. He must like it on some level or I doubt that he'd still be doing it, even with the demands of rabid fans.
  11. Chuck is such an arrogant and condescending nazi. Jesus. Relax.
  12. How many hours has it been in-game since Gordon was last medicated? They say Oxycodone has a half-life of about 4 hours. Maybe this is what the game was about all along. Get out of the lab and acquire illegal narcotics before your withdrawal signs become apparent to your colleagues and you lose your job. Who gets to arbitrarily decide when it's "necessary" or not, and who exactly put them in charge?
  13. That feeling when you realise that you haven't checked for a while, and wonder if there's been a new episode out, so you check, and there's three.
  14. Freeman's interest in drugs has come up a few times now... One drug that he has mentioned in particular is Oxycodone, a controlled drug directly comparable to Heroin in effects (literally) and only available legally by prescription, valued at up to $80 USD per pill. I don't know the number of hours that he has gone without taking a pill but do you think he'll be going into withdrawal within the remaining time span of the series? Is he an honest-to-god drug addict?
  15. Why is there a small group of people over-reacting to a perfectly valid question, while other people are perfectly happy to answer and discuss it? It keeps happening.
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