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  1. I think "Youtube wants to be the new Netflix" is more accurate.
  2. *Sigh* I predicted exactly what happened, despite advising against it. America with its damn in-the-past timezones...
  3. In my opinion it doesn't matter that much if you miss the Halloween deadline. Say you work really hard on the episode and manage to get it done at 8 PM on the 31st. That still means you missed it for every timezone outside America, and most of the world would be asleep by then. Not to mention the fact that most people celebrate this year's Halloween early, during this weekend, since it's on a Monday. I wouldn't mind waiting, even to the next weekend. Take your time, Ross... and don't stress it. I keep imagining you pulling all-nighters with twitching eyes and empty coffee mugs everywhere, working nonstop on your Game Dungeons.
  4. That's no doubt the joke from Episode 1 when Gordon is in the transportation thing and it passes Barney when he knocks on a door, and Gordon says ''Ah, I'm not the only one who's late. SUCKEEEEEEEER!!!''
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