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  1. Then speaking as "Your boss", I'd suggest staring into space in a stupor, doing absolutely nothing. But do add R&R and the ol' fluids too. Take the time to heal & recover. Get well!
  2. In my humblest opinion, 60fps for Freeman's Mind is not what I'd call a necessary upgrade. At the end of the day, we're not watching gameplay in the same respect as a game review, critique, showcase, montage, etc. We're watching a machinimation, albeit from the first-person perspective. Some may present the statement that "Freeman needs a bioware upgrade if his eyes can only capture at a 30fps rate", but I think with YouTube's currently limited availability of 60fps output and pretty much dealing with 2x everything you're working with already, I don't think there's really that much benefit or practicality to justify the extra effort. Like you, there are few games in this world I would ever want to be playing below 60fps (Games like Journey are certainly among the exceptions), but although a video game is involved in it's production, we're not really here to watch a game in action. We're here to listen to the thoughts of Freeman and see what crazed shenanigans his journey through Black Mesa. As for the Game Dungeon, I'd say that's something that would benefit better from the 60fps output if the game in question performs at it. But this is something I'd leave to your discretion. I'm thoroughly enjoying what you're doing, regardless of what frame-rate I get to enjoy it in!
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