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  1. This came out around just before Christmas - As well as implementing the changes which Half-Life 2: Update made, it also adds new Black Mesa style gun animations and a bunch of completely optional graphical improvements (bloom can be toned town/turned off), and all without changing Half-Life 2's aesthetics too drastically. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiM06PQ_uPg It looks incredible! So I'm wondering: Ross probably already uses Half-Life 2: Update and a number of special custom mods for Freeman's Mind already, but would he consider using this for even more shine? It'll let him pull the Tau canon off the buggy and use that too later, if he wants. However, I also wonder if the custom scripted maps would work with this mod if he did decide to use it.
  2. I can't believe nobody's mentioned FTL: Faster than Light's soundtrack. Perhaps one of my most favorite soundtracks of all time which I somehow never get bored with (maybe 'cause I also love the game so much) Pew Pew lasers in space with a retro feel. Ben Prunty is a genius - The entire album is good but the highlights IMO are MilkyWay (Explore), Colonial (Explore), Debris (Explore), Cosmos (Battle), Deepspace (Battle) and Wasteland (Battle): https://benprunty.bandcamp.com/album/ftl ColdStorage does similar things (retro VG/chiptune inspired music), I recommend Gravity Crash and Project Moonbounce: http://coldstorage.bandcamp.com/ Infinifactory's OST is quite good, soothing electronic music to help the mind: https://mrwasteland.bandcamp.com/releases Portal Stories: Mel had a good soundtrack written for it - Keeps (almost) original while emulating Portal 2's OST: https://harrycallaghan.bandcamp.com/album/portal-stories-mel-soundtrack
  3. Another thing which seems interesting. (Happy Birthday, BTW) I used to play lots of WoW on and off for a few years - My experiences with it were mostly the usual interactions with players or guild-related shenanigans such as minor power struggles or people falling out with each other for no reason - Stuff which comes with most online social groups. But there are a couple of mediocre stories which stand out. This one may not be what you're looking for but sort of related - A guildmate I once knew made a mountain out of something which wasn't even a molehill. Back in 2010 a new profession was introduced to the game called Archaeology where you ran around the world digging up artifacts. One such artifact was a special hearthstone with the tooltip: Said guildmate interpreted the story behind the item as "something produced by a control-freak father abusing his child, all because she 'had a reputation'", then made a post on the WoW forums berating Blizzard about it, saying that she found the artifact "creepy" and that it seemed "potentially triggering for people who really have been the victims of familial abuse or control". After admitting it didn't trigger her personally, she then said that this was something she "wouldn't expect to see in a game without warning". Maybe she had a tiny point, but surely it was no more offensive than most old folk fairy tale stories? Forum responses ranged from "this is stupid, people will complain about anything" to "I sort of agree, but this is a fantasy game! Why would anyone be offended by this? Maybe you should seek professional help" - The latter of which caused her to quit WoW for good after playing it for 2 years and investing in the collectors edition of the Wrath expansion. I lost contact with her shortly afterward. I guess the first responder was right: Some people really will complain about anything... Secondly, during vanilla WoW in 2006 when UIs were cluttered and raids were boring, I was part of a group which wiped on Onyxia at 1%. A little funny, but I admit it's not quite as entertaining as the famous angry Onyxia raid leader audio. Thirdly, where my character was able to "swim" through the air and fly around town.
  4. I'll bite. Competitions like this are fun. Here's some more to add to the pile. Also, keep it up with your awesome stuff, Ross! Something that may tell a story (Game: The Long Dark) Action? (Game: Besiege) Dead Space 1 kills players in unfair ways, but reaching the oxygen dispenser 1 second too late? It made me laugh for a while after it happened though:
  5. I think you'll find that the original does this too. E: Just a heads up that Ep 5 is the last I'm doing for the time being - It is possible to continue, but people aren't really interested in the later converted episodes, and I've got now that I have what I've been waiting for. Still, I'm yet to see someone do this better than me, but not that there's any point to it anyway.
  6. I now have Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 which I learned how to use today - This is the first ever thing I've done with it, so I may be a little rusty. After having to put up with Windows Live Movie Maker for over a year no matter how many workarounds I've come up with, using Vegas is incredibly liberating.
  7. All I've done is dubbed the FM audio over the Black Mesa footage I captured (and the Half-Life 1 sounds that come with that). Perhaps I changed a few of BM's sounds to Half-Life's. I guess it shows just what good a job the BM dev team did with most of the sound scape. (Also, hello again, I suppose. Shame it didn't work out for you on the OWF.)
  8. Didn't Ross say once that his original plan was to do HL2, then decided to do HL1 first for the sake of continuity? But yeah I'd love him to do HL2 if he has the time and enough dialogue material to keep it fresh.
  9. @sheridanm962 - I've no idea what you're talking about. Anyway, somehow this worked really well. Not sure how, maybe I'm just good at improvisation, but it worked. (though I can't get it perfect of course) Enjoy! (Also it's a bit weird how the first episode has 1,000+ views and 42 likes while the second episode only has 200 views and 7 likes... Oh well)
  10. Well, my life is quiet and this staves off boredom. But whatever. My experiments sort of worked and the second part is now up, featuring the resonance cascade: Making FM's audio work with the dialogue is hard. Maybe this could use even more polish, especially when it comes to cropping, but windows movie maker sucks and I'm lazy.
  11. Yeah I noticed that after I uploaded mine - It's not the most original of ideas after all. I'm doing mine in a different way and using BMS's audio when I can, but since it's something I'm doing for the hell of it, I'm undecided if I'll continue or not. Regardless, I'll be running some experiments shortly to see if I can get my actions to sync a little better with the FM audio. He can do his in his way, I'll do mine in my way (if I continue), and people can decide which one they want to watch. I'm sure many others will have a go at doing this too.
  12. First post, so I'll introduce myself by saying I'm a lurker and a long-time fan of Freeman's Mind since 2009. The Half-Life series is one of my most favourite games of all time below the Oddworld series (hence the avatar). EDIT: I made this as an experiment for fun, and got as far as re-doing FM Episode 5 before calling it a day and shifting my attention back to . Maybe I'll continue later if there is more interest in later episode remakes, I can be bothered, nobody else is doing it better than me, and enough people want to see it done. To save people scrolling, here are the links to all episodes, or :
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