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  1. Great video Ross! Incase anybody wants to play this game, you can sign up at gog.com. They have this game free to download.
  2. I love his work on FM, but I personally feel like he should stop after HL1. It's more out of well being of Mr. Ross than the jokes and material runing dry.(Which wont by the way, Ross is a genius) BUT, if he DOES want to do HL2, then he has my full support. I just want him to decide on how much time this would consume for him before he really commits to it.
  3. True True, I'm a somewhat forum lurker and I know there are some cool cats here. Anyways, my problem has been answered, mods can lock this thread if needed.
  4. AHA! Thank you my friend! Your way more nicer than the assholes on the steam forum.
  5. I'm pretty sure there was an old topic on here regarding this, but that was for the Source version. I have the Platinum version of HL and I wanna know if there is a way to change the damage the weapons do? Steam discussions was no help whatsoever, just a bunch of trolling assholes who told me real men dont haxx, and play on easy etc etc. And this is on easy mind you, and the grunts STILL take 5+ bullets to the face before they die. I'm just tired of shooting grunts in the face with my mp5, and taking alot of punishment. Point is, is there a way to edit them with the platinum version? BTW first time poster, but I read the forums sometimes.
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