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  1. Reuleaux

    Half life skin issue.

    Found the cause of issue! Everyhting has been isntalling to my regular Program files folder instead of (x86). Skins work now guys!
  2. Reuleaux

    Half life skin issue.

    With my vanilla game before i had any mods there wasnt any Materials and models (Etc) folders at all and i dug through it. Multiple sources said i need to just pretend they're there and continue with installation. Is something wrong with my game?
  3. Reuleaux

    Half life skin issue.

    Hm.. Never heard of that Trick before. I'll try it out if i can find my mod files again. What files do i put in the main folders AKA the ones with hl2 inside? Do i put the skins Materials etc folders in it? Sorry. Im a Newbie with this stuff.
  4. Reuleaux

    Half life skin issue.

    I have already tried putting the needed folders in the hl2 folder.. I am using mods for 2009-2012.
  5. Reuleaux

    Half life skin issue.

    No posts?
  6. This applies to both HL:S and HL2, I've tried posting on the steams forums and the FPSbanana forums and all i get is shit so here i am now. HL:S files appear as they need to, Theres Materials models etc, however in the hl2 folder there is only 3 folders. I follow almost every tutorial video on how to install Skins to the games and they do not work, the skins simply do not show no matter how many times i uninstall and reinstall. can i please have some help here?

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