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  1. Ross i saw the interview and you guys didn't mention sinister.So check it out. the plot it's quite simple but the creepy build up is very good.
  2. can't......................... w.....w... .hait .................no............ lon .....ger :S
  3. Well it depends what is that you're comfortable with,and what is that you're good at. for what i know, you make a good and funny smartass comments parodying and pointing things out,so commenting or narrating can be a start. Commeting games,well i would Watch that,its not original but people can gain a good audience whit it.I saw some retarded people with no talent in whatsoever do it, and they have like 50.000 veiws per video.But if you don't play different games on daily basis that mit not be the thing. what else :/ reveiw stuff,news commentator,vloging,taking about random stuff, pointing fails in movies or video games,teaching people ross scott's philosophy,interviewing,over recording voice on movies "parodying",or just not give the f*ck and stare at the wabcam like Magibon .i don't konw well i will try to come up whit something more.
  4. Hello Mr.Ross why don't you do a vlog or a game commentary,somthing that don't need alot off work and time just until your problem is resolved to gain some new fans .because i find you a realy entertaining person.
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