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  1. I dunno man, I think I'm putting off watching Game Dungeon and the other content in favor of FM. But hey, you gotta do what moves you.
  2. I imagine even if slowdown were applied after the fact, voicing doom guy was probably a pretty painful experience. Speaking in a growl for two long can cause medical issues. That being said, it was really great, with many T-shirt worthy one-liners.
  3. One thing this reminds me of is that there is only one Ross Scott. Which is a shame because I'd watch all of the series posted in this video. I just remember the sad crop of "X's mind" imitations that popped up and withered, with people who had neither the time, talent, or inclination to get on the level of the original. Perhaps a class in sass would help? Teach you-tubers how to funny for cash?
  4. SmilingWorlock, Doom Guy isn't Freeman. For. Legal. Reasons. It did make me laugh like I was unhinged though. Devastation. Now that is a game I've not heard of in a long time.
  5. Yeah, that's a pretty dark twist there JudasPhysicist. The weird thing is the response by google. They're treating it like a bug they intend to fix. As to the episode, it really feels like Freeman's energy levels have risen. And jokes and jokes and jokes.
  6. I think Youtube just decided that channels were being paid more than they would like, and all these "fixes" are really just ways to make checks smaller.
  7. Please tell me blip isn't becoming more clunky. I sit through the housewives ads, and swat away the graphics that roll over the video. If they're instituting some asinine "waiting period" for videos, I just, I dunno. I disable adblock for FM, and I watch it on blip to keep those youtube dickbags from getting paid, but like the infomercials say... "There's got to be a better way!"
  8. I love the sheer panic when freeman is cornered by the bullsquid. That is exactly how I react to being cornered in FPS games. I'm always wary of such things. Remember how quickly Hl2: Ep 2, came out? Remember the promises of six months? Man, I would have loved episode 3 in 2007. Short episodes are fine, especially when they deliver. This episode delivered.
  9. The new Black Mesa content is going to be pay to play, and they missed the deadline. The deadline being the part where the CIA ninjas got the drop on freeman. Plus with the hang time between announcement and delivery on Black Mesa, I wouldn't hold my breath on Xen.
  10. RocketDude has a perfectly apt name, and for sure this is the episode I've been waiting for. Not only is Orbital Bombardment a weapon Freeman can get behind, it's a weapon video games have been trying to live up to since. Hammer of dawn? please. various elemental bombardment from JRPG's? not even close. And this episode got it right, the only element lacking in this scenario is scope. Pigeon who crapped on your car? ORBITAL STRIKE. Roommate who moved out without paying this month's rent? ORBITAL STRIKE. It's like the mythical problem of the nail. When you've got a hammer, all problems begin to look like nails. I've been waiting for this episode for a while, and the payoff was great. For what it's worth Ross, you gotta do what you've gotta do. But I love Freeman's mind. And every episode feels like an undeserved Birthday present, which is one of the best kinds of gifts.
  11. Pretty sure it's "Music video from wrong angle."
  12. The solution to this debate is simple, have a marine fire at close range near freeman, he goes deaf, and all you hear are his inner thoughts.
  13. This reminds me of polling in school when everyone would choose stupid Vanilla ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip is clearly superior.
  14. In Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, they explain the bag of holding in one of the early missions as a "Personal Pattern Buffer" which holds items such as helmets. They also explain the HUD, or as that game calls it, the Tactical Eye Display. The game was particularly well done by Raven.
  15. This is exciting! I like this! From a user side of things, I've been less in love with youtube as they "synergize" with advertisers. It devalues viewers and content producers in favor of advertisers. 30 second unskippable advertisements for the nasty cousin of mayonnaise (Abomination whip) made me impotently rage at the screen. F5? Nice try sucker! Advertisers want to pay less, and they want more intrusive advertising methods. So sidestepping their buzzwords by hopping to blip is an interesting move, and I hope it works out well.
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