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  1. Tbh, I only recognized the revolver having a different sound. I'm also thinking everyone is starting to keep the yes/no results even just for the lulz. Without further ado, here is my cat in a Christmas outfit.
  2. Homepage still ain't working for me but rss feed just told me this
  3. It seems to be loading fine for me right now. Huh. I'm really not sure what's wrong on my side then.
  4. So... is the AF homepage down or...
  5. Yeah, this is really getting frustrating, although I think it's because I'm new on blip. I've updated the post to list what's happening. Apparently it's been reject from blip on the basis of "poor audio" and no other explanation. The volume balancing may not have been aggressive enough or they may just not like stock HL1 sounds, I have no idea. I'm trying to get an answer from them, their email said 24-48 hours for a response. Believe me when I'm saying I'm going as nuts as some of you are trying to get this out already. Ouch. I really hope this will be the last roadbump you have to get over.
  6. I suggest you print a QRcode to the link so people can find it on their phone. Put it in the corner or something. These look pretty awesome.
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