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  1. I don't really comment much but i've been watching since around ep10.5 (the death episode) Glad to see FM complete and happy you made it through alive. Hopefully once you've had time to recover we can get some more CP and GD : )
  2. He can't get it from Newegg since he lives in Poland... Maybe his parents or someone in the states could ship it to him. Idk just figured I'd give a heads up.
  3. Hey just wanted to pop this up here. Samsung 1TB SSD for under $500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=20-147-251&nm_mc=EMC-GD031914&cm_mmc=EMC-GD031914-_-index-_-Item-_-20-147-251
  4. Personally the SD versions of FM are perfectly fine for me(were watching for Ross not Source)but, I'm proud to give as much as I could. This "Feed the Ross" fundraiser should be an annual event so he can keep his system up to date and not have to worry about anything but FM, CP, RGD and new projects (not necessarily in that order).
  5. Loving RGD, keep'em coming. I am a huge fan of the F.Mind series and it would be great to get them more often but RGD is a great change of pace. Getting two of these out between F.Mind episodes would be awesome. (Maybe throw in a sequel to Doom Guys Mind if your voice can handle it lol)
  6. It's probably not a realistic option but I would gladly PAY for Freeman's Mind if needed, hell i'd appreciate the chance to help out a guy who has given me so many laughs. I mean .99 an ep would be reasonable for me. Maybe lengthen episodes to 15-20 min and charge 1.99. If it were possible to set a once a month release schedule and a 6.99-7.99 annual subscription fee id throw my money at you. Maybe make a couple "Season ?" DVDs with FM+CP. Monetize were you can man don't let FM or CP die because some shitty company tried to roll you.
  7. Been watching for a couple years now and I've got to say hands down this was the best april fools vid you've done. Production wise it felt the most complete somehow and it was a good change of pace with out going too far (yes there is such a thing) p.s. that voice had to hurt like hell, it's much appreciated
  8. So I've spent the last few hours downloading all the FM and CP eps for bandwidth friendly viewing on my mobile and i've come across a couple issues. First, when downloading ep 42 of FM I actually get episode 29. When downloading CP I get 404 errors on "Oils Well", "Mourning Patrol", and "What is Machinima". I'm also hoping to get downloadable versions of FM eps 43 and 44 soon but that probably has something to do with writes issues with Machinima. Again not crying or complaining just trying to help out.
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