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  1. After seeing Ross Birthday message and having a think of sound tracks I thought were cool, I sent him an email with a few suggestions. One of which involves Streets of Rage Remake, a game that I can't see mentioned anywhere here, so thought I'd mention it here. Now for those who don't know, Streets of Rage was a side scrolling beat em up for the Sega Genesis\Mega Drive, about 3 former cops deciding to take justice into their own hands and beat it up, aiming to destroy Mr X's syndicate. It got 2 sequels (Streets of Rage 2 and 3, nothing fancy with their names). It's seen as the Mega Drives best beat em up. Streets of Rage Remake is a fan made game , and as the name implies, this is a total remake of all the classic streets of rage combined into 1 game. And when I say it's a remake, apparently everything was made from scratch, from levels, to characters to engine, to music. Obviously all of them were made to look and act exactly like the classic games, but none of it was reversed engineered from the originals. I've had a wee play about with it and it's cool. A great free way to relive the classics, with some handy extras. It combines elements from all 3 games so if you want to play SOR2 but with the ability to call for police back up (which was only in SOR1), you can! Extras? Why you can easily create your own levels (via an inbuilt tool) for this and edit colour schemes of characters (both playable and enemies). There is even mods for this game (see site linked at the bottom). There are other cool stuff like unlockable playable characters (total of 12 characters, each with 6 colour schemes and for playable characters that featured in multiple original games e.g. Axel, you'll get all the different versions that were available e.g. SOR1 Axel, SOR2 Axel and SOR3 Axel, each Axel with 6 colour schemes). There is much more but I'll let you discover it if you want to try it. I personally say it's the smoothest feeling SORR which I love about it. It's extremely faithful so those who want to relive the old SOR games easily on a PC can do so. It's so awesome that after 8 years of developing it with no word from Sega (despite the developers trying to contact them), and with a lot of publication throughout the development, Sega sent a cease and desist stopping the original developers from distributing it 1-3 days after release. Another community has since taken it on board and look after it now without issue (I've heard the issue was with the original developer looking for donations to keep his site afloat or something like that). Here is some random video of the game I found on youtube to give an idea of what it looks like. V9r5IYrtyEc If your interested, you can download it via: http://soronline.net/sorr_downloads.htm And yes, you saw the info on that link right. As well as Windows, Mac and Linux versions, there is an Xbox (original) version. Only tried the windows PC one so can't comment on the rest. Hope people enjoy this.
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    Fiver says that you'll learn your lesson over this and about 1 month later, unlearn it and won't face this exact problem for another 5-10 years. In College, Uni, Work, Home, I've more or less had a drink near whatever computer I'm using, mostly in a can at home or a bottle elsewhere (no reason for the change). I've killed keyboards and had some laptop spillage scares, still drinking stuff near the computer (infact got an open can of coke right near me). Worse thing is I work in IT support in offices and complain about people wreacking their pcs with liquids yet I sin like all others. Bottles will just subconsciously train you not to knock things and spill liquids better, but you'll use cups and cans sooner or later. Just glad it's the cheaper things that have fried, so hope it gets fixed quickly.
  3. This is an April Fools joke that has to become real, think geeks Personal Soundtrack Shirt and their 8 bit ties (both were jokes then became real). Also gotta love the line "My psych profile says I kick ass in any enviroment. That's why I am a space marine!" (That's got to be a tshirt) Ross Scott, please turn this into a real thing and actually release Episodes 1-6, 8-10000000000.
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